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Far Cry 6 will feature “exotic” location; Reveal coming July 12

The next entry in Ubisoft's open world shooter Far Cry may be revealed sooner than we expect according to a new report. It's also rumoured to feature...

Borderlands Handsome Collection Free On Epic Games Next?

Epic Games has been earning a lot of positive points from fans recently, as they have been giving away some incredible titles for free over the last...

Rumor: GTA 5 Free On Epic Games Store From May 15-21

Update: The rumor was true. It is, indeed, GTA 5. Here are our instructions on how to download the game for free. That's right folks. The big mystery game...

Ryzen 4000 Mobile Processors Leaked

We might, feasibly, have gotten AMD's next-gen mobile CPUs leaked before their possible launch at CES 2020. Particularly, this all happened after Twitter user, APISAK; he noticed...

Xbox Series X System Specifications Leaked

Xbox Series X system specifications possibly leaked after Digital Foundry of Eurogamer analyzed upcoming AMD chips possibly powering the new system. Digital Foundry's analyzation point to the...

PlayStation Store Incorrectly Reveals Fortnite Season 10

Despite the fact that the World Cup of the title is currently in progress, Fortnite continues its uninterrupted march towards its Season 10. At the 10th season of Fortnite, of which nowadays practically nothing is...

WB Games Montréal At Work On A New DC Game

We know very well that when there is news about a game that you are a fan of, you cling to every entry in the corridor just...

A Leak Reveals The Release Date Of The Last Of Us Part II

This comes from an internal source of Sony's California leak development team about a recent corporate meeting between Sony PlayStation's marketing leaders with the chiefs of the...

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drifting Free Replacement And Refunds For Everyone

By now almost everyone will be aware of a problem that is affecting various Nintendo Switches. The Joy-Con Drifting, which causes the analogs (especially the left one) to send...

A Possible Activision Purchase from Walt Disney

In recent times, Activision Blizzard seems to be going through a somewhat rough period. With the announcement of the executive Frank Pearce to leave the company and the price of shares...

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