PlayStation 5

PS5 Stock Tracker – Restock Time, Date, Retailers and More

Sony's latest console, the PlayStation 5 was released a few days ago and unsurprisingly, it is in high demand. Even Sony's official website was subject to long...
Walmart 11/25 PS5 Drop

Walmart 11/25 PS5 Drop: How To Stay Active And Prepared

In all PS5 drops since launch, tonight's drop from Walmart might be the biggest one. We've seen a lot of pictures with huge stock. And with Walmart...
PlayStation 5 Black Friday Deals PS5 Stock Tracker

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Black Friday Deals Stock Tracker – Restock Status, Queue and More

Black Friday is upon us and there can't be a better opportunity than that to secure yourself a PlayStation 5 (PS5). Although retailers are dropping PS5 units...
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 (PS5) UK Stock Tracker – Restock Time, Date, Retailers and More

The PlayStation 5 is here. If you want to get notified and stay updated with everything related to PS5 stock in the UK, this is the right...

Xbox Series X|S Stock Tracker – Restock Time, Date, Retailers and More

If you're looking to buy an Xbox Series X|S, we have all the resources to track it for you. Due to COVID-19, the production was low and...
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review — Electric Feel

Review Copy provided by Sony. Reviewed on PS4 Pro. “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” is more than a mouthful. It’s a bridge between two console generations, carrying one of...

Watch Dogs: Legion Review — London Falling

Review Copy provided by Ubisoft. Reviewed on PC. "Watch Dogs: Legion" might fall victim to some unfortunate timing. In the midst of a prolonged global pandemic, not to...
PUBG Mobile Banned in India

PUBG Mobile Ban: What It Means and How It Affects The Gaming Industry

"The sheer suddenness of the move, the unexpected nature of the move, the unpredictability of the move."  And just like that, PUBG Mobile has been banned in India...

The question of racial bias & representation in mass media & video games —...

We live in times when the world is constantly changing. Certain things that would be considered unlawful and lead to punitive action fifty years ago are now...

Ghost of Tsushima Review — Blowing in the Wind

Review Copy provided by Sony. Reviewed on PS4 Pro. Ghost of Tsushima arrives at a turning point in the generational cycle. As the last major first-party release on...


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