Overwatch Lootbox

Loot boxes – the virtual equivalent for online casinos?

Loot boxes have been a controversial issue since quite some time. They became a topic of interest since EA’s epic statement on Reddit defending the presence of...
Oldschool RuneScape

OSRS 2020: Morytania Expansion – Everything You Need to Know

Earlier this month at RuneFest 2019, game developer Jagnex revealed that the Morytania expansion is coming to OSRS in 2020. The expansion is set to come to...
For Honor

Everything We Know About ‘For Honor’

Battle-suit Armors, Long Swords, Battle Axes and Katanas. 2016'S E3 really took us off the edge. I'm talking about high packed action games. Ubisoft gave us another look into...

Everything We Know About ‘MAFIA III’

"You want me to keep going, you got nine more." This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) gave us some astonishing upcoming games for the year. Out of all...
EWKA God of War

Everything We Know About ‘God of War’

World's biggest video-game trade fair E3 brought us some of the biggest titles and news this year. We saw incredible and jaw-dropping reveals, trailers, gameplay footage and...