Little Cup Teams Pokemon Go

Little Cup Pokemon Go Teams – Best Teams and Ultimate Guide

Pokemon Go Little Cup will run from November 9-16. For the cup, there are certain limits and you need to be very careful while assembling your team....
Pokemon Go Animation Week 2020

Pokemon Go Animation Week 2020 – Easy & Simple Guide

Pokemon Go Animation Week has started and we have some amazing details to share with you. We'll keep this guide very easy to understand and simple. Here's...
Umbreon Pokemon GO

Umbreon Pokemon Go – How To Get / Catch & Evolve Complete Guide

Many are curious to know how to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go. Well, actually, you'll have to evolve another pokemon, Eevee to get it. Here's how you...
Ferroseed Pokemon Go

Ferroseed Pokemon Go Guide: Weakness, Counters and How To Beat

Ferroseed is a Grass and Steel Pokemon. The most efficient ones to defeat Ferroseed are Fire and Fighting types. Here's everything you need to know about Ferroseeed,...

How to get the OG Throwback Pickaxe on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Next-gen is round the corner and like many other games, Fortnite will also be releasing on the upcoming consoles. To celebrate the onset of next-generation, Epic Games...
carrots genshin impact

Where to find Carrots in Genshin Impact

Carrots are some of the commonly found ingredients in Genshin Impact. With carrots, you can cook many dishes, some of which include Barbatos Ratatouille, Crystal Shrimp, and...

Top 5 Popular Games To Play In November 2020

This year, games have been really popular. It rose further to fame with the help of technology. Gaming technology is amazing, it has brought us games such...
Genshin Impact is a critical and commercial success

Where to find apples in Genshin Impact

Apples are one of the rarest items in Genshin Impact. They can be used for a variety of stuff in the game, including restoring health and making...
Demon's Souls

Is Demon’s Souls Remake Coming to PS4?

Sony announced that the highly anticipated remake of Demon' Souls is in works earlier this year. Demon's Souls was the first game in the Soulsborne franchise and...

What is the release date for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Nintendo has announced that Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town will be launching on February 25, 2021 in Japan and March 23 in North America and...