E3 2019: Hands-on with The Riftbreaker’s impressive mix of action-RPG and tower defense

There are so many different things going on with The Riftbreaker that it's hard to know where to start: it's a bit action-RPG, a bit real-time strategy, a...

E3 2019: Cris Tales feels like a love letter to classic JRPGs

Cris Tales is an incredibly charming, stylish game. Everything about it: the lovingly hand-crafted artwork, the unique time-travel mechanics, the old-but-new turn-based battle system, the unique Colombia-inspired...

Tropico 6 Is Coming To Consoles, And It’s Surprisingly Good

I’ve been extremely skeptical of the idea of Tropico on consoles. The cult classic city-builder (or island-builder, perhaps) is so closely linked in my mind to the...
Watch Dogs Legion Main Art 1

Watch Dogs: Legion Exclusive E3 Preview— Fear and Loathing in Brexit Britain

Watch Dogs: Legion is powered by astoundingly ambitious technology, weaving together systems that allow you to play as anyone, hack into anything, and do (nearly) anything you...
Destroy All Humans! Remake

Destroy All Humans! Remake – Exclusive Preview of THQ Nordic’s destruction-based sandbox remake

It’s been a long time coming for the long-awaited return of Destroy All Humans!, the much-beloved 2005 THQ cult nostalgia-mine. There’s a long and interesting story to...
Iron Harvest

E3 2019: Iron Harvest – Exclusive Gameplay Preview

Iron Harvest is a new real-time strategy game from independent developer King Art Games. After a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.2 million USD, they have been...
Journey to the Savage Planet

E3 2019: Journey to the Savage Planet – Exclusive Gameplay Preview

It’s a wild and wonderful universe out there, and new development studio Typhoon Studios has brought a fascinating, twisted, demented version of it to life in their...
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

E3 2019: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – E3 Demo Impressions

Capcom is still reeling from the massive success of Monster Hunter World, which has now sold over twelve million copies across three platforms. It’s now Capcom’s flagship...
Desperados III

E3 2019: Desperados III – Exclusive Preview

At first, Desperados seems like an unusual franchise to revive. When Desperados 2 launched thirteen years ago in 2006, it failed to match the positive reception of...


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