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World of Warships India

World of Warships India Relaunch: Everything You Need To Know

On September 18th, 2019, Wargaming, in collaboration with Basik Marketing Pvt. Ltd., ACT Fibrenet, Zotac, ANT Esports and LG, hosted a relaunch event of their naval-battles-focused game,...
Journey to the Savage Planet

E3 2019: Journey to the Savage Planet Interview – Typhoon Studios Head of Art...

Journey to the Savage Planet was one of the surprises of E3 2019, where its self-described "earnest comedy" charmed nearly everyone who got to lay their hands...

Watch Dogs: Legion Interview– Game Design Director Kent Hudson Talks Brexit, London And Surveillance

One of the most impressive reveals of E3 2019 was Watch Dogs: Legion, the strange and ambitious new entry in the open-world Ubisoft franchise. I had the...

Having a chat with Aakash ‘Rix’ More at Gamer Connect Kolkata 2019

Gamer Connect is one of the most reputed gaming events in India. Gamers from major cities across India group up for this event every year to have...
Geoff Keighley

“The industry is becoming less competitive”: Geoff Keighley talks Google Stadia, VR and The...

There are few bigger names in the world of video games journalism than Geoff Keighley. The former G4 and MTV host is well-known today for his role...
Allwyn D'souza

e-xpress Interactive – Allwyn D’souza Interview

With the progress of science and technology, video games have become an integral part of people's lives across the globe, including in our own nation, India. The...

Devotion, Currently Steam’s #1 Top Selling Game, Will Change Your Perspective On “Home”

The team at Red Candle Games didn't expect Devotion, their first attempt at 3D games, to receive such an overwhelming response in such a short period of time....

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