Ori And The Blind Forest

2 Best Indie Games You Should Try Out Immediately If You Haven’t Yet

Having hundreds still left to try out, these two are the most fascinating ones yet. Indie games had been winning our hearts since the old-good days of Cave...
Which Gaming Platform Will Rule 2016? Analytical Predictions About 2016 Gaming

Analytical Predictions: Which Gaming Platform Will Rule 2016?

Which Platform is going to rule 2016? 2016 is heavily-contested: PlayStation sales are spiking, Xbox is seeing interesting titles, PC gaming and Wii U are both honing their...
A Quick Overview of The Xbox Scorpio

A Quick Speculation over the Xbox Scorpio (Xbox One X)

With 4K and VR it's an absolute beast, but it’s gonna be very expensive. From everything we saw at Microsoft's E3 reveal this year, it is certain that...
Shenmue III

After a controversial deal with Epic, Shenmue 3 is offering refunds. Here’s why that...

Sega released Shenmue for their ill-fated Dreamcast console on December 29, 1999 to widespread acclaim. Pioneering the open-world genre while pushing some of the most realistic graphics...
Resident Evil 3

The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

Starting on the 3rd April with the release of Resident Evil 3, 2020 is set to be a massive year for video games. If you’re looking at...
Esports Betting

Betting and its role in the world of esports

Professional gaming took off when people understood the true potential of LAN parties and how an entire stadium of people can be made to cheer for them....
Dualshock 4

Free Co-Op Games for You and Your Friends

Playing games on single-player mode for a very long time can sometimes be boring. Many will agree that involving friends makes the gameplay experience fun and more...
Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Why Bringing Horizon Zero Dawn To PC Is A Smart Move By Sony

PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is a crowning achievement of developer Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Released way back in 2017, it served as a defining fresh...

Is Investing in Video Games a Good Idea for 2021?

There are more ways to make money off video games in 2021 than simply collecting rare cartridges. As the technology in this space has continued to evolve,...

Top 10 Must-Play Video Games Of August 2019

We are now leaving July 2019 behind us, a month that has certainly seen a few high profile releases, if we are going to exclude titles like...


Valheim Bridge – How To Build Easy Guide


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