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Ori And The Blind Forest

2 Best Indie Games You Should Try Out Immediately If You Haven’t Yet

Having hundreds still left to try out, these two are the most fascinating ones yet. Indie games had been winning our hearts since the old-good days of Cave...
Which Gaming Platform Will Rule 2016? Analytical Predictions About 2016 Gaming

Analytical Predictions: Which Gaming Platform Will Rule 2016?

Which Platform is going to rule 2016? 2016 is heavily-contested: PlayStation sales are spiking, Xbox is seeing interesting titles, PC gaming and Wii U are both honing their...
A Quick Overview of The Xbox Scorpio

A Quick Speculation over the Xbox Scorpio (Xbox One X)

With 4K and VR it's an absolute beast, but it’s gonna be very expensive. From everything we saw at Microsoft's E3 reveal this year, it is certain that...

Why Are Online Slots so Popular?

Top 5 Reasons for the Unyielding Popularity of Slot Games The past decade has been crucial for iGaming. The online gaming industry transformed from a casual hobby to...
After 7 Years, Dota 2 Still Fails To Impress And Acquire Newer Players

After 7 Years, Dota 2 Still Fails To Impress And Acquire New Players

Valve’s signature MOBA title DOTA 2 is not a game to be taken lightly as it is one of the most popular MOBAs on the market right...
Cyberpunk 2077

The Aftermath of the Cyberpunk 2077 Delay

CD Projekt RED recently announced Cyberpunk 2077's delay, to September 17 from an earlier release date of April 14. Fans who have been highly anticipating the release of...

Top 10 Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Of August 2019

10. Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Release Date: 29 August 2019 Paws on Fire! is the subtitle of the sixth installment of the Bubsy series, platformers published by Accolade. The production was...
Creativity in Video Games

How Video Games Can Improve Your Creativity

Numerous debates exist about video games and how they affect the functioning of the brain. One such debate involves video games and dopamine which leads to the...
Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Why it’s the most important video game of this generation

When Industry Veteran Hideo Kojima announced that he was going independent and his first venture into this ever growing industry will be in the form of a...
It shows how intricately designed Tsushima's open world is.

Ghost of Tsushima: How can it differentiate itself from other open-world games

Sony's Ghost of Tsushima received a major update during last week's State of Play event. We got a huge 18 minutes of footage, with the emphasis on...

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