Play these Sony PS5 games while you wait for GTA 6 - Cover Picture

Play these Sony PS5 games while you wait for GTA 6

Rockstar still hasn't released more details about GTA 6 including a potential release date or a short description of what it may be about. Although GTA 5's...

Top 10 Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Of August 2019

10. Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Release Date: 29 August 2019 Paws on Fire! is the subtitle of the sixth installment of the Bubsy series, platformers published by Accolade. The production was...
Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies to watch this Spooky Season

Brace yourselves as we are heading once again into the spooky season. It is the time of the year when everyone gears up for Halloween and gets...

Best Cheap Rust Skins – Top 5 Rust Skins

The world of Rust is wild and unforgiving. Tackling it is a daunting task, particularly without the best ammo and clothing. The Steam environment allows members to...
It shows how intricately designed Tsushima's open world is.

Ghost of Tsushima: How can it differentiate itself from other open-world games

Sony's Ghost of Tsushima received a major update during last week's State of Play event. We got a huge 18 minutes of footage, with the emphasis on...
DotA 2 Easy MMR Guide

Best Heroes to Play in DotA 2 (7.31b) for Easy MMR

DotA's latest update has been fascinating so far. Steam really did a great job to make it more entertaining and fun for the players. With its latest...

Stray: Where Are The Humans?

Okay, a lot of fans are asking if there are even humans living outside the enclosure of the game Stray. Thanks to its endearing protagonist and gameplay,...

Ten Movies Based On Video Games

The story defines some games, while in others it is dependent on the player and their actions. These stories have also come to inspire actors, directors, and...

3 Current NBA Players That Would Dominate in the ’90s

It has been a common debate for a long time now that the '90s was better than that of today's NBA league, current players, etcetera, etcetera. Comparing...
Sony PlayStation 5 10 Best Multiplayer Games

Sony PlayStation 5: 10 Best Multiplayer Games you can play right now

Many news and rumors are circulating about Sony PlayStation 5, and a few questions about its restock. If you already have a PlayStation 5, all I can...