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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Why Is Animal Crossing New Horizons So Popular?

Video games in general have witnessed an exponential rise in popularity since the coronavirus outbreak. However, the larger chunk of popularity is owned by multiplayer games. Despite...
Video Games - Negative Effects

Do Video Games Negatively Affect College Education?

The learning attitude of students can be affected by numerous factors and it may lead to both positive and negative consequences. One of the main influencers is...
Resident Evil

Resident Evil 8: 6 things we absolutely need in this rumored sequel

The rumors and leaks surrounding Resident Evil 8, which as the number indicates is the eighth main installment in this highly popular and successful survival horror series,...
Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Virtual Reality

Counter Strike Global Offense: Could Virtual Reality Be The Next Step?

As technology continues to evolve, the gaming industry is adapting and has lead to several new and existing developments when it comes to gameplay. But with the...
Creativity in Video Games

How Video Games Can Improve Your Creativity

Numerous debates exist about video games and how they affect the functioning of the brain. One such debate involves video games and dopamine which leads to the...
Resident Evil 3

The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

Starting on the 3rd April with the release of Resident Evil 3, 2020 is set to be a massive year for video games. If you’re looking at...
The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part 2: Are we ready for this?

  It's nearly dawn. We have finally made it through the night, passing through an infected horde filled museum. The golden hour is upon us, a symbol of...
WD Black SN750

WD_Black SN750 SSD Preview: The next generation of SSD we all need

WD_Black SN750 SSD is the next generation of SSD from one of the leading hard disk manufacturing brands in the world. Western Digital's SN750 features PCIe technology...
Battle Royale : Apex Legends

Top 5 Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020

Battle Royale which was nothing more than a sub-genre has grown into a full-fledged videogame genre in the last few years. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds(PUBG), Fortnite Battle Royale and...
Silent Hill

OPINION on Two Silent Hill Games Being Currently in Development

The Konami is now returning the attention back on console gaming after they launch the newest Silent Hill Slot Machines and wiping in the likings of a...

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