Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

“Heaven is to be rent asunder, earth shall fall away,” the game echoes the ultimate truth in the words of Luo Guanzhong. China’s problems shall be solved only...
Zone Cafe Kolkata

Zone Cafe Review

A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOW AND WHAT When it comes to cyber cafes, we know that there is a divider which separates the ordinary from the exceptional. Video...
Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 Review

The latest entry into the decades-running Mortal Kombat series is here. MK11 brings the trademark ultra-violence in stunning 4k with 60 FPS and it looks incredible. Fans...
Days Gone Review - Spiel Times

Days Gone Review

Introduction It’s been eight years since the last major release from Sony’s Bend Studio, the PS Vita’s technically impressive but overlooked Uncharted: Golden Abyss. And that’s a long...
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

It’s been a long road for FromSoftware from their very marginal days as a developer working on titles like Armored Core and King’s Field for the PlayStation...
The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 is a lot of fun. After around forty-six hours of chaos, delight, and occasional frustration, there’s no doubt that Ubisoft has found a formula...
The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 Review in Progress (35 Hours)

The Division 2 is a lot of fun. After around fifteen hours, running through about half of the game’s main missions and spending some time in the...

Devil May Cry 5 – The Spiel Times Review

It’s easy to forget now how many times Capcom has been written off. It wasn’t so long ago: Street Fighter V launched to an underwhelming reception and...
Devotion Review - Spiel Times

Devotion Review

“Children grow by stumbling and picking themselves up,” your wife says. The sun streaming through the window of your modest apartment. Thick stacks of books clutter the...

Anthem Review

It’s hard to overstate the burden of expectations that Anthem has been carrying. After the disappointing launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the shuttering of their Montreal...


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