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Marvel’s “What If…?” Season 2; Release Date, Possible Stories, and Returning Characters?

The finale of the first season of Marvel Studios' "What If...?" left us with a nail-biting cliffhanger. So, we are now left wondering - What if... there...

The Boys Season 3: Everything Shocking Revealed in Episode 7

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 gave out more than just one twist in the show. There have been quite notable scenes but nothing beats the revelations...

Thor: Love and Thunder – Post-Credits Explained

The fourth standalone Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, is already here, and as the MCU loves to do in each of their movies, a post-credit scene...

Who’s Going to Be The “Black Panther” in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

"Rest in Paradise, Chadwick Boseman". The Trailer for the Black Panther's long-awaited sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, was just dropped by Marvel. In honor of Chadwick Boseman's portrayal...

Earth spinning faster! Top 5 shortest days ever recorded in history

The Earth is reportedly spinning faster than usual and people worldwide are wondering why this is happening and whether that would affect the number of hours per...

Doctor Strange 2: This Dreadful and Most Powerful MCU Villain Might Return

Over the course of the Infinity Saga, which lasted over a decade, we have seen numerous villains and antagonists. While some of them were forgettable and bland,...
Morbius Spiderman No Way Home Easter Egg You Might Have Missed in the Trailer

Morbius: Spiderman No Way Home Easter Egg You Might Have Missed!

The hype around Sony’s Morbius is now rising, and its not just because it’s the first time Morbius is getting a live action adaptation. Sony’s Rebooted Spiderverse...
Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider Carter Slade (After Marvel’s Moon Knight and Blade, Ghost Rider Might be Next)

After Marvel’s Moon Knight and Blade, Ghost Rider Might be Next

Marvel’s Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac is all set to come out on 30th March 2022. It was about time MCU embraced Marvel Comics’ darker and supernatural...

American Horror Story: Season 11 Possible Release Date 2022

As scary as the pandemic was, nothing beats the spookiness that American Horror Story (AHS) gives. For more than 10 years, AHS has been giving its fans...