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It Takes Two Review

It Takes Two Review — Pure Co-op Joy

Review Copy provided by EA. Reviewed on PC. When Josef Fares, head of Hazelight Studios, said in a recent interview with Game Informer that “Video games are not...

Netflix’s Dota: Dragon Blood announced by Valve [TRAILER]

A Massive Anime Announcement Netflix has partnered with Valve to release a new anime inspired by the popular games G Dota and Dota 2. DOTA: Dragon's Blood is...
Miles Morales PS5 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Miles Morales PS5 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison [Video]; Check Out

I've finished my first playthrough of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and I loved it. But many of you are wondering about the game's PS5 vs PS4 graphics...

Kentucky Route Zero Review — Surreal Adventure Perfection

Self-purchased. Reviewed on Switch. Kentucky Route Zero is a fantasia of light and sound, a lucid dream rendered from the Southern subconscious, a distorted fable that mines the...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Intro Leaked

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo's into has been leaked and the video is currently making rounds on the internet. The leaked video is three minutes long featuring...

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review — A new hope?

Review copy provided by EA. Reviewed on PC. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reminds me of those Top 40 hit compilations you see advertised on TV. Featuring all...
Netflix the Witcher

Netflix tease The Witcher series with new trailer

Netflix has released a new trailer teasing its upcoming adaptation of The Witcher series of novels, most well-known for their adaptation in CD Projekt Red's action RPG...

Borderlands 3 — 23 minutes of new Moze gameplay

2K and Gearbox invited Spiel Times to take an exclusive look at Borderlands 3 during E3 2019. Our review editor, Caleb Wysor, captured over 20 minutes of...
Evil Genius 2

The PC Gaming Show 2019: Evil Genius 2 Revealed

At PC Gamer's The PC Gaming Show 2019, we saw a trailer for Evil Genius 2 by Rebellion. It has been 15 years since we've had an...

E3 2019: Watch The EA Play Stream Live; Starting 9:45 PM IST

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