In the latest adventures of producer Peter Safran and filmmaker James Gunn, we present to you the total subjugation of DC Studios. Coming with executive changes in DC’s Cinematic Universe is accompanying sets of creative changes. When Dwayne The Rock Johnson tweeted that it wasn’t easy bringing the fans-revered Henry Cavill back but they did it, he wasn’t lying. Black Adam stands atop a whopping $100 Million faster than anything DC has seen in their last few endeavors.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam is a Box Office Phenomenon

The Rock revives DC Black Adam Box Office
  • The domestic opening week in North America received $68 million in revenue. It was #1 in its opening weekend and has set a record. This is notably DC’s biggest Box Office grosser after Aquaman in 2018. Reports from Box Office Mojo smell of Black Adam making another $27.7 million this second weekend.
  • The Jumanji hero’s first Super-antihero dynamic has pushed Black Adam into a domestic collection of $111 million while global revenue stands at around $139 million. This makes a combined total gross of $250 million and beyond.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson single-handedly carries the entire Black Adam box-office milestone

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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  • Difficult it is to bring out such huge box-office revenues from a character that people hardly know. Dwayne Johnson has given life to Black Adam. Hollywood’s one, if not the top most paid actor is a walking publicity machine on his own.
  • Just his tag is usually good enough to put half a million blindly into the produced film’s estimated earnings. And this can be done without even considering other marketing tactics.

Dwayne Johnson was born to play Blockbuster roles

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Black Adam Box Office DC
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People have always criticized the singular skills of Dwayne’s acting. And truth be told he isn’t the world’s most versatile actor. But he doesn’t have to be. His existence is a whole different from artistic expression.

He is an individual born to play certain roles, as made evident through his charismatic leadership of Black Adam. Dwayne’s film’s other special feature is his introduction of Superman back into the series.

Although it is notable that Black Adam did fall half the revenue of its opening on its second weekend in the U.S. Currently running at over 4,402 theatres, The Rock’s film is still the domestic #1 in Box Office Mojo’s top ten this week.

Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to thank everyone who watched Black Adam

In commemoration of the same, Dwayne The Rock Johnson took to his Twitter handle to share with everyone how glad he is.

What it takes to rekindle DC’s lost flame; The Rock revives DC?

Black Adam Box Office is huge
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The weight of Black Adam in the DC universe may be to rekindle a fire that has been long lost. What was spooked by Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was the beginning of DC’s interconnected universe attempt. Although Marvel had already set things in stone by then. Yet the world was quickly divided into primarily hating Snyder and loving him.


The scar left by Justice League was a harsh blow, remnants of which DC still is healing from. An overly stretched work of art called Snyder Cut did give many their much-needed recluse, but the lights of DC were already blown by then. To rekindle a washed-out flame is a difficult task.

Black Adam as a standalone may falter, but as a film that brings together whatever has been lost in DC’s cinematic universe, it works wonders. And it is also no wonder that it is likely that, well. The Rock revives DC. Hell yeah!

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