Angella Bassett's reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis
Angel Bassett is criticized by the fans for her reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis winning the Oscars (Image via and Getty Images)

The Oscars 2023 has already taken Twitter by storm, but Angela Bassett’s reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis winning the award is one of the most talked about incidents. Fans have criticized her on Twitter for not responding appropriately to her fellow nominee winning the title.

Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Hong Chau, Stephanie Hsu, and Kerry Condon were nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category. Jamie Lee Curtis won the award for her film Everything Everywhere All at Once, but Angela Bassett’s reaction was the one that took the Twitter headlines.

Exploring Angela Bassett’s reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis winning the Oscars and fans’ reactions

How did she react?

Angela Bassett was nominated for her excellent portrayal of Queen Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She was the first nominee from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

When Jamie Lee Curtis was announced as the winner, her fellow nominees were seen smiling, clapping, or even standing up as an encouraging gesture. Meanwhile, Angela Bassett stood still with an expressionless face. Her features and absence of cheering led fans to conclude that she was not happy for Jamie.

Fans’ reaction to Angela Bassett

The Oscars is one of the biggest events in the world, and thus it has an enormous viewership count. There is quite a division among fans regarding this matter. Some have resorted to stark commentary against Angela Bassett, while others have stood in her defense.

Many were not satisfied with her reaction and believed that she was angry at the results, which is why she refused to clap for the winner. A fan claimed that she is “a sore loser,” while another expected her to act “more mature about the win.” Some have even called the actress unappreciative of Jamie Lee Curtis’ claiming the award.


Fans’ comments in support of Angela Bassett

As mentioned earlier, there were others who provided their support.  One fans stated that it’s “okay to be disappointed.” Another fan in her defense couldn’t believe that Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar ahead of Angela Bassett. They couldn’t accept that Jamie was awarded for “a movie she was barely in.”



Angela Bassett’s reaction: Final thoughts

Angela Bassett is a very revered name in the Hollywood Film Industry, one of the reasons why she has a huge fanbase. Her recent actions have divided it into two halves. She was the first nominee from the MCU for an incredible performance, so many of her fans expected her to win.

Twitter and fans from other social platforms are still segregated over this matter. As such, it will continue to be a point of discussion for quite a while, which just proves that The Oscars is about more than just the winners.

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