M3GAN has been making tremendous rounds at the Box Office. Universal’s newest film into the PG-13 Horror category has made its presence known. The opening weekend is expected to generate around $27 million. But in a recent interview, the M3GAN voice actor for the film’s M3GAN killer doll character revealed something pressing.

Who stars in M3GAN?

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The life-like doll has been made on social media. And the world has been reciprocating the clubhouse horror that it conveys quite well. M3GAN has also debuted with impressive Rotten Tomato scores, which is something to look out for. The film stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw in leading roles. But the primary antagonist, the doll named M3GAN is voiced by Jenna Davis. 

What M3GAN Voice Actor had to say about her character

M3GAN Voice Actor Jenna Davis
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In a recent interview with Nylon, Jenna Davis revealed her inspirations behind the character.

Jenna Davis apparently found herself confused when a sudden realization hit her. The realization was such that in the film, the doll keeps on saying ‘It’s insane, right?‘. Apparently, Jenna and her mom have been saying the same phrase throughout their life.

How characters merge with their voice actors sometimes

  • Usually, the voice actors of a particular role get so connected with their character that it’s different to separate them. The finest example is that of Optimus Prime as the original Transformer being voiced by Peter Cullen.

But, for a rising voice actor, it can be a difficult thing coping with a cunning resemblance of their real-life overlapping with traits of a fictional character. And this is especially so if the character is a slaying machine right out of your worst horror nightmares.

Jenna Davis asked her friends if she sounds same as M3GAN, here’s what they said

When the trailer came out, Jenna asked her friends if the doll sounded like her.

‘Yeah, it does.’ Some were even like, ‘I’m not going to be friends with you after this because I’m going to be scared.’ Said Jenna about her friends’ response. 

  • Jenna felt compelled to defend that she was not a terrifying nightmare. Or a girl who’s going to slaughter.
  • And we also hope that her friends will stick by her. Because her voice acting as a killer doll shouldn’t be correlated with her being a psychopathic slaughterer.

M3GAN Voice Actor says some lines are imprinted in her head

M3GAN Killer Doll
Image courtesy of goldderby.com
  • It seems, however, that the character is going to stay with her for quite a while. Jenna said in the interview that there were certain dialogues in the film that really stick in her head.
  • Even during the audition, she had to practice certain lines that seem to not leave her mind. She says ‘they’re imprinted in my brain’ – to express just how the character may have gotten to her head.

Some similar experiences may be spoken of by Heath Ledger. Although it isn’t the same, Ledger apparently shut himself off in an enclosed room to prepare for his Joker role.

“Some of the lines in the movie I don’t think I could ever forget.”


M3GAN is an abbreviation for Model 3 Generative Android and focuses on the android doll-bloom of the world’s latest scientific endeavors. Yet things turn astray when the android doll seems to have conspiracies of her own.

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