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Despite the glamor and prestige behind the Oscars, it’s never shy of controversy and in 2023, it’s the In Memoriam section that has come under fire. The tribute to late film personalities from the previous year missed out some significant names due to a variety of reasons. The exclusion of these names has quickly ignited debate on social media.

There is often debate surrounding who should be included in the In Memoriam section, as there are inevitably some who are left out. The Academy has a specific process for the section with a committee to review the list of names. However, some overlooked or excluded names lead to criticism from fans.

Who was left out in the Oscars 2023 In Memoriam tribute and why?

Late actor Robert Blake is the most significant name to be left out from the In Memoriam section for 2023’s Oscars. In fact, the event’s host Jimmy Kimmel controversially joked about whether or not he should be included in the tribute during his opening monologue. The late actor fell out of grace after murdering his second wife and that’s presumably why he did not make it to the In Memoriam section.

The tribute did not include Charlbi Dean, the late young actress from Triangle of Sadness despite the film being nominated for Best Picture. The actress died from bacterial sepsis shortly after the film’s release and acclaimed reception. She was 32.

Paul Sorvino, who played the iconic Paulie in the cult classic gangster drama Goodfellas, passed away earlier last year. He did not feature in the In Memoriam section.

Six Days, Seven Nights actress Anne Heche was another significant absentee in the tribute alongside Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore who died just a few weeks ago.

Significant names included in this year’s In Memoriam section

Keeping the absentees aside, the In Memoriam section did pay homage to some major film personalities who died in the previous year. The ones who were left out in the montage are included in the Academy’s website.

The tribute included names like Jean Luc-Godard, Olivia Newton-John, Ray Liotta, Robbie Coltrane, Angela Lansbury, Vangelis, Kirstie Alley and more. 

Pulp Fiction actor John Travolta made a moving teary-eyed speech before the montage was played on the big screen. Lenny Kravitz performed Calling All Angels on stage, as the tribute rolled on screen.

What is the In Memoriam section and how does it work?

The In Memoriam segment typically includes a montage of photos and videos of those who have passed away, accompanied by music. 

The individuals included in the In Memoriam segment is not just for actors and actresses. It also includes directors, producers, writers, and other industry professionals who have contributed to the filmmaking process.

Oscars 2023 In Memoriam controversy
Image courtesy of The Academy

Despite debates about snubs, the In Memoriam section remains an important part of the Oscars ceremony. It is about the film industry coming together to honor and remember the ones who left. 

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