Remembering how Joker and Harley are the king and quinn of Gotham

Harley Quinn ladies and gentlemen, the infamous love of The Joker. This love story is probably the most badass gangsta love story of all time. Every teenager across the globe dreams of a love story like this. A gangsta love story. The guns around the corner, the flashy cars, the gangsta lifestyle, and true loyalty.

That is what we take from this love story. That is the reason we love this duo. Both are simply crazy but so in love with each other. Such loyalty asks for a crazy heart. How do they meet? What happens next? Let’s find out.

Harley Quin and The Joker
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The love story begins at Arkham Asylum

The Joker was a patient there. He got arrested once and was brought straight to Arkham Asylum. His appointed psychiatrist was Dr. Harleen Quinzel. At first, it feels like Dr. Harleen is treating her patient with care. But with time, we get to see, that she was falling in love with The Joker. Their little therapy sessions turned into small dates inside Arkham Asylum. One day, The Joker asked Dr. Harleen to get him a machine gun.

The Joker and Harley Quin
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  • Talk about workplace romance gone wrong? The series of incidents that happened next chilled our bones to the core. The Joker’s whole team arrives at the scene.
Harley and The Joker
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  • Instead of one machine gun, there are plenty brought to Arkham Asylum by his men. And the entire property gets destroyed in a matter of minutes.
  • At this point, The Joker is free as a bird but he captures Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

She asks him if he is going to kill her. To which, The Joker replies, “No, I’m not gonna kill you, I’m just gonna hurt you, really bad.”. Then he proceeds to give electric shocks to Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s brain. This is the point, where Dr. Harleen Quinzel turns into Harley Quin.

The Loyalty test of Harley Quin

The Joker is not at all easy to tame. Harley Quin had to chase Joker’s supercar and then at one point, she crashes the bike ahead of The Joker’s supercar. She then stands in front of the approaching supercar. The Joker just brakes in time and comes out with a big smile.

  • He notices Harley Quin’s love and passion for him. He then takes her for a loyalty test at a big industry plant kind of place. And promptly asks her to jump into the huge cylindrical pool of death that lies ahead.
  • Guess what? Harley takes the jump without hesitation. Looking at this, the Joker jumps in too after a few heart-aching seconds.
  • And the two come out of that death pool kissing and swimming in it.

The Joker’s love for Harley Quin was gangsta too 

In a scene, where Harley Quin is dancing her mind out and the Joker is around the corner for some business, it gets rough. One of The Joker’s business partners arrives at the scene. And the guy thanks the Joker for all the money that is being made because of this partnership. The Joker replies, “Are you sweet talking me?”.

  • One mistake that the business partner commits is calling Harley a bad bitch in front of The Joker. What do you expect from the Joker at this point? The obvious right?
  • Yes, he kills his business partnering in front of everyone. After all, they were the King and Queen of Gotham City.
Harley and Joker
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The Date Night of Harley And The Joker goes down the water

It’s a good big city nightlife date. The Joker and Harley are having a good time laughing with each other. And speeding in their very own supercar. But it seems that their happiness is getting followed by the Batmobile.

  • Not a very good sign for a happy date. They both have a friendly evil laugh and acknowledge Batman’s presence, calling him, “Batsy, batsy, batsy!”.
  • But soon the situation turns into real horrifying gunshots getting fired at each other’s vehicles. The Joker scoops his supercar into the water after the horrific chase and Harley is captured by Batman in this incident and turned over to the Police.
  • But the romance between the two doesn’t stop here. The dark chemistry between the two goes on. And Harley just knew that The Joker would come back for her.

Talking about a date going down the drain for real. Harley is tortured to great extent inside the prison. More than what a normal person could take. But here we are looking at two hopeless romantics. Even when apart, they were together. Harley Quin gets an opportunity to be a part of the Suicide Squad.

Now, for this reason, she gets shifted to a different facility. But guess what? The Joker was waiting for an opportunity like this. The Joker does manage to get Harley out of that death squad and back with him again but how does he do it?  That’s a question, which will get answered when we talk about the Suicide Squad in an upcoming article.

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