Top 5 Star Wars books to read

Top Star Wars books ranked

Star Wars has always been present both in the form of comics and books for several decades. Books were considered equally good as movies, and sometimes even better. In the later years, Disney came into possession of Lucasfilms, and therefore the Expanded Universe was over and was rebranded as Legends.

Whether the books are part of Legends or Canon, they are written by some of the best writers. The Star Wars books contain splendid stories of a different galaxy that are both packed with action and emotionally compelling. These revise old popular faces as well as introduce new characters that tend to prove important down the line.

Best Star Wars books, ranked

5) The High Republic: Light of The Jedi

Star Wars book The High Republic: Light of The Jedi
The High Republic: Light of The Jedi Star Wars book (Image via star

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi was published in 2021 by Lucasfilm Publishing Division. A completely new era of the Star Wars galaxy was explored by very talented writers for Star Wars: The High Republic novel series. The Light of the Jedi emerged as the first book of the novel series and the book has done a beautiful job setting up an in-general thesis of the arc.

This book by Charles Soule comprises beautiful, unique, and mysterious narration that includes some known concepts and a bunch of fresh ideologies. The story shows The Republic and The Jedi at the peak of the golden age but an outright chaos breaks upon the galaxy when struck by a disaster.

4) X-Wing: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars book X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
Star Wars book X-Wing: Rogue Squadron (Image via bell of lost souls)

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron is the first book of the X-Wing book series published in the year 1996. This book by Michael A. Stackpole makes up for the baseline of the story. It was considered to be one of the best Star Wars books, which gives its readers an on-page space combat experience. 

The story is about Wedge Antilles rebuilding the legendary Rogue Squadron. It proceeds to how Wedge Antilles seeks out only the best of X-Wing pilots and sorts out the weaker through tough training and missions. The story has also been successful in portraying the various ups and downs a pilot has to face.

3) Aftermath: Empire’s End

Star Wars book Aftermath: Empire’s End
Star Wars book Aftermath: Empire’s End (Image via the star wars stacks)

Empire’s End is the third and final book of Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy book series. All the books of the series play an essential role in the expanded universe. The Aftermath trilogy has a significant impact on other sequels, introducing the development of a New Order, the rise of the First Order, and adding information on characters like Rae Sloane. 

The final novel in specific proved successful in concluding the numerous arcs that were set up. Empire’s End also shows a hint where Palpatine eventually returns to Exegol. This book also sets the debut of Cobb Vanth, and this character makes a comeback in The Mandalorian.

2) Thrawn

Star Wars books Thrawn
Star Wars books Thrawn (Image via den of geek)

The Thrawn novel is written by Timothy Zahn, who is considered to have given some legendary contributions to Star Wars. Timothy is the creator of the popular character Thrawn, who has multiple books and spin-offs. Other than the books, he is also a star character in Rebels and the Disney show Ahsoka

The legendary character was created and introduced in the book Heir to the Empire and rose to prominence via the Thrawn Trilogy book series. Timothy’s work on the character and the book is so prominent that no other writers could have pulled out the job in the same way.

1) Heir to the Empire

Star Wars books Heir to the Empire
Star Wars books Heir to the Empire (Image via slings & arrows)

Heir to the Empire is considered to be an unrivaled legend among the Star Wars series of books. This book introduced characters like Thrawn to the public who are to date considered to be some of the legendary characters. This legendary book by Timothy Zahn also paved the way for his next Trilogy book series completely based on the character, Thrawn. 

The Book Heir to the Empire is so powerful that the legacy is still running to date. The introduced character, Thrawn, is so successful that there are multiple books, spin-offs, animated series, and even shows that include the character.

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