White Noise is coming to Netflix? + What is the film about?

“Life is good, Jack. As long as the children are here, we’re safe.” Or are they? The notoriously “unfilmable” DeLillo novel, ‘White Noise’ has finally been made into a full-length film by none other than Noah Baumbach. Witty and intellectual comedy being his forte, we can’t expect anything less than amazing coming from him. But you know the good part? We caught from the wind that White Noise is heading to Netflix. Here’s everything we know about the movie and its alleged release on the streaming platform:

Is White Noise coming to Netflix?

Good news for all absurdist drama fans, Noah Baumbach’s White Noise is finally heading to Netflix on December 30, 2022. Though it has been screened in selected theatres before, we expect it to break all records of the streaming platform. So get ready to laugh your heads off, as the Gladneys are just on their way to your screens.

Is there a trailer for White Noise?

The above teaser was released by Netflix four months ago, followed by a full-length trailer on November 22, 2022. The trailer gives a peek into the life of Gladneys as a cloud of chemical waste leads to an emergency evacuation in their town. It follows a family’s attempts at normalcy in catastrophic times where everything they have is at stake. If you still haven’t watched it, do it now:

What is the film about?

  • The film is set in 1984 and follows Jack Gladney and his family as they go through the ups and downs of life amidst a disaster. Jack is a professor of advanced Nazism, or what he calls ‘Hitler studies’ at the College-on-the-hill. He lives with his wife, Babette, and together they raise a blended family.
  • Since Jack started aging physically and Babette becomes increasingly forgetful, the couple became really obsessed with death.
White Noise is coming to Netflix? + What is the film about?
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Their imperfectly perfect story gets interrupted when a cloud of chemical waste starts hovering over their roof. A drunk truck driver carrying loads of gasoline crashes into a train full of highly toxic chemicals which led to an ‘airborne toxic event’. An immediate evacuation of the town follows.
  • Now what’s there to see is how the family finds its way out of the mess and grows together as well as separate individuals.

Who is in the cast of White Noise?

White Noise is coming to Netflix? + What is the film about?
Image Courtesy of Netflix

The following is the list of the cast members of White Noise and the roles they’ll be playing in the movie:

  • Adam Driver as Prof. Jack Gladney
  • Greta Gerwig as Babette Gladney
  • Raffey Cassidy as Denise
  • André Benjamin as Elliot Lasher
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Winnie Richards
  • Don Cheadle as Prof. Murray Siskind
  • Lars Eidinger as Arlo Shell
  • Sam Nivola as Heinrich
  • May Nivola as Steffie
White Noise is coming to Netflix? + What is the film about?
Image Courtesy of Netflix

We are here to give you all the updates on the aforementioned movie and more. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content, and feel free to reach out with any and all sorts of queries and suggestions.

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