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The Last of Us‘ tense nine-episode season is nicely wrapped up in the finale. The two characters’ arduous journey is shown by Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and it leaves viewers feeling simultaneously moved, astonished, and heartbroken. The Last of Us, one of the best video games, was adapted into a television series. Because of its compelling and emotional story, The Last of Us is a game that has brought out tears in every player.

The Last of Us series demonstrates how viewers can be astonished by a compelling story when it is executed well. The chemistry that Joel and Ellie had in the game was brilliantly conveyed by the show’s creators. While Amazon is developing the Tomb Raider and God of War series, there are other video game titles that need TV adaptations.

Here are the 5 video games that deserve an adaptation

5) Bully

School and college dramas are currently receiving excellent reviews from audiences. Bully has an intriguing plot that will undoubtedly intrigue the youthful audience. Bully is one of those games that leaves players with enduring impressions and stays with them for a long time. 

The game emphasizes human characteristics including self-confidence, social connection, and a never-give-up mentality in addition to teaching players how to overcome obstacles in the face of difficulties.

Games have the same kind of skills as films and social dramas do, which include the ability to alter viewers’ perspectives and assist them in resolving issues from their daily lives. Bullying is a problem that affects practically all schools and colleges, thus the Bully narrative may be ideal for addressing how to prevent and handle it. 

Viewers can connect with some characters of various television shows especially if they have heroic goals and deeds. As a result, Bully’s plot and characters are ideal for teenagers since they will help them develop their self-confidence and problem-solving abilities.

4)  Outlast

Other than action, fighting, and other genres, horror is one that is well-known. Fans adore scary movies and television shows. There are numerous subgenres in horror. It contains psychological, thriller, mystery, and surreal elements. Outlast is one game that has shocked the gaming world with its gruesome creatures and intriguing story.

Outlast is a blend of psychological and survival horror that demonstrates breathtaking components of the hide-and-seek genre. People enjoy consuming more compelling content that keeps them engaged. A prime example is the video game Outlast, which never allows you the chance to relax. Just imagine what it could accomplish as a series.

Outlast is a video game that universally terrifies players. Investigative reporter Miles Upshur is the character players take on, and he must access and investigate Mount Massive Hospital, a closed mental hospital, where he encounters various malformed inmates with a tendency for bloodlust.

3) Max Payne

While the 2008 Mark Wahlberg-starring film was unsatisfying, a TV program might take its time and more thoroughly reveal the story behind Max’s wife and child’s deaths over a number of episodes. Moreover, Max’s broken side makes things even riskier because he is not scared to die.

The three Max Payne video games have fantastic noir settings, a broken hero, and intriguing stories. Aficionados of the action genre will like the Max Payne series. When it comes to conveying the intensity of the action/thriller genre, Jason Statham has a wonderful flair. Keanu Reeves has the talent to demonstrate the transition from an emotionally charged character to action. So, the casting directors might consider these characters for the Max Payne role.

2) Silent Hills (P.T.)

P.T. immediately comes to mind when discussing the top psychological horror games. Norman Reedus played the lead character in P.T., also known as the playable teaser, which was released in 2014. It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima, two great creators. Since Kojima and Del Toro’s P.T. was tragically lost in 2015, we will never see what the legendary creators of video games and films could have created with it. 

P.T. managed to rank among the most talked-about horror video games. Although fans have no way to obtain it, a television series based on it can undoubtedly surprise them.

The playable teaser featured some riddles as well as many psychological horror themes. The teaser’s never-ending loop also revealed obscure references and secrets related to Lisa and her unborn child’s deaths. Numerous YouTubers have developed intriguing fan theories while trying to cover up the game’s backstory. Horror and mystery fans will adore this narrative.

1) Red dead redemption

Peaky Blinders and Narcos are two prominent examples of old-school gangster dramas that are hugely popular among audiences. Red Dead Redemption is a superb example of a game in this category. Rockstar‘s Red Dead Redemption video games have already garnered a lot of attention for their tragic tales of the Van der Linde gang’s downfall during the American Old West’s demise.

Given how lengthy both games were, turning them into a TV show would be the most appropriate kind of adaptation. Red Dead Redemption would be the next ideal game to adapt because it has a similar long-lasting popularity and compelling tale to The Last of Us.

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