The upcoming Valorant tournament mode, now called Premier may feature the first-ever map pick/ban system soon. During an Ask Valorant session, players asked the developers if a ban system was possible. It’s something occurring with most games as more content comes in. According to them, there is no implementation of a map ban system yet, but they consider it a good fit for Premier.

Having the map ban and pick stage in more competitive scenes within the game will likely translate to eSport tournaments. Many players believe that it is a healthy addition and gives more layers of strategy to competitive scenarios.

A History of Map Bans

Map banning is not new to Valorant, with several tournaments going for it as an option, as seen in the VITA Champions Tour. These usually work for the best of three or five matches. Riot Games have stated that too many maps in the game can be unhealthy. They’re aiming for around seven rotating maps to prevent a new player from feeling overwhelmed.

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Other than that, a map/ban system can help competitive teams strategize. They can opt to ban maps they don’t perform well at while keeping maps they’re good at within the pool. The same goes for the opposite team. Taking it a step further, players can learn the map tendencies of others and deny them maps they excel in to help give them an advantage.

The tournament mode Premier will act similarly to League of Legends Clash mode. In Clash, players may enter as a group of five or join a random group to compete in a mini-tournament.

Adding map bans to Premier seems like a natural inclusion and one seen as healthy by most of the player base. Valorant has come a long way since its release in 2020, now having a lot of maps which led to developers considering the feature.

Alpha Coming Soon

According to Riot Games, Premier will be the next step to take for players in Radiant. The mode will be a step below professional play, though it can be an entry point for players aspiring for a career in Valorant. The alpha mode will first make its way to Brazil for testing. There will be a dedicated season to it with weekly matches. Teams can also participate in tournaments scheduled through the mode.

By the end of a season, the highest-ranking teams may qualify for a tournament. They’ll then fight each other to win a Division Championship.

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The goal of the alpha test is to see the integrity of the mode and its current features. Riot may choose to add or remove things as they see fit. It’s also a way to test and check for bugs they may have missed.

According to Riot Games, Premier is about 60% complete. The Alpha will not feature everything they want to put in this new mode. It may not have the map pick and ban phase they plan to implement.

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