It is predicted that e-sports trends are the ones to shape the coming decade – there are more and more players and social distancing and quarantine has only made e-sports even more popular. Console, PC, and mobile games – it doesn’t matter what device you have, because you can use all of them to play all types of e-sports. 

What are e-sports anyway? Remember the last video game you played? Now, what if you played against someone else? In a team setting? Or, finally, with a whole colosseum of people watching you and cheering you on? Yes! E-sports take video games and put them into an ultra-competitive setting. 

You can watch e-sport competitions like you would a football game or a chess tournament – so if your favorite sport didn’t quite open to the public yet, did you know that you can bet on e-sports too?  Check out here to see where you can bet on e-sports in your area! 

Keep reading to see an overview of the best e-sports trends to follow in 2020.

Mobile E-sports Becoming More and More Popular

In a world where everyone owns a smartphone, we could think that browsing social media is the only thing smartphones are used for. Services like Snapchat and Instagram are indeed very popular. But mobile games have had fans from the very beginning, and even your 70-year-old aunt probably has at least a game of solitaire on her device. 

A great advantage of playing on a mobile device is that you can take your game anywhere you go – even if it’s camping, hiking, or waiting in line at the DMV. You don’t need to buy a pricey game console or a PC that is packed with the newest technology to run games on it. That great advantage brings the mobile world more gamers every day.

Countries with the most significant number of smartphone users, which are: China, India, and the USA are also the biggest markets for mobile gaming industry development. It is an important trend to notice for investors that want to put money in this particular branch of the industry. So if you want to invest in e-sports, the time is now! 

E-Sports Demography Expanding

When it comes to e-sports viewers, the fact is that men make up the biggest group of the audience. Women still have the potential to become a leading force as the gaming industry is changing in a dynamic way. There are more and more serious female competitors in the male-dominated industry, and there is bound to be more and more as the niche becomes more welcoming and the offer of available games expands. 

Increasing female interest in esports is supposed to tell the world that it is not a “boy’s club” anymore. Women in esports complain that they are automatically judged by men for being different. That is why they seek to use those unpleasant experiences in promoting gender diversity in video, online, and mobile games to help encourage more diversity in esports. 

Fortunately, a lot of professionals in the industry know that promoting a socially responsible sector, where encouraging women to participate in normal, will be an essential matter for the commercial success of the industry.

E-sports as a Tourist Attraction

Yes, it is actually happening. Not only traditional sports like football or basketball get stadiums filled. Esports fairs and events gather a lot of participants and even broader audiences. People can watch matches live and at homes via stream services like Twitch. Some TV stations have developed separate channels that are specifically esports channels, and every big tournament is broadly followed.

Investing in e-sport may be a great option for cities that want to increase the revenue from tourists, but don’t want to spend the cash on a team. Focusing on gaming and making the city more pleasant to visit by gaming fans can be a great revenue generator. 

Young people not only play games, but they also develop them. Communities that want to be a host to the tech industry may want to turn their eye to make themselves attractive to gaming companies in particular. 


Popularity and awareness of e-sports are constantly growing. There are a ton of investment opportunities in this niche, as well as employment opportunities and a lot of room for new fields of expertise. 

It’s still a relatively new industry, but it’s becoming well-established at lightning speed. Now is probably the best time to invest in it, or keep your hand on the pulse!