Bruxish In Pokemon GO
Bruxish just debuted in the Festival of Colors. (Image via Niantic)

In Pokemon GO, the Festival Of Colors is well underway and is allowing trainers to catch Bruxish. The event’s colorful theme lies within the fish from Alola Island. It is being held from March 8 to 14, 2023, simultaneously with the real-life Hindu festival “Holi.”

The Festival of Colors event also debuted two new Pocket Monsters: Mega Medicham and Bruxish. With the latter’s debut, many players are wondering if its shiny variant is available for encounter or not.

Sadly, it is rare to see Niantic release both normal and shiny variants of Pokemon on their debut. The same is true for Bruxish as fans won’t be able to catch its special version during the event. However, lets take a look at the methods to secure its standard variant right now and the shiny once it does become available on the platform.

Speculating on Shiny Bruxish’s arrival in Pokemon GO

Bruxish debuts in Pokemon GO
Bruxish is a colorful Pocket Monster with average stats. (Image via Niantic)

Although Shiny Bruxish isn’t available now, our assumption is it will appear soon in future events. This is the strategy Niantic has been using since the start, and players have regularly criticized the Pokemon GO developers for their alleged greediness. Accused of enticing fans to take part in events and spend money by dangling shiny Pokemon as a reward, there has been no response as of yet.

Studying the history of shiny debuts in the game, it is very uncertain when Shiny variants of new Pocket Monsters appear. Sometimes, it happens within the year of the original variant’s debut, and sometimes, it doesn’t, and the same is the case with shiny rates. During the Go Fest 2022, Niantic director Michael Steranka said that if Shiny Pokemon are found in abundance, it will degrade the game’s experience in the longer run.

That said, let’s focus on the task at hand, i.e., Bruxish’s debut and the collection challenge in the Festival of Lights. This means players can encounter it easily in the wild and on a Pokemon GO Raid Battle. Catching the original variant during the event will reward them with 2000 XP and a Lure Module. So get your hands on Bruxish to claim these rewards as soon as possible.

Tips for catching Bruxish in Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 2023

Bruxish in Festival of Colors Pokemon GO event
Bruxish is a part of the collection challenge in Festival of Colors. (Image via Niantic)

The dual Water and Psychic-type Pokemon has a max CP of 2701, an average performer with stats of 208 Attack Power, 145 Defense Power, and 169 Stamina Power in battles. Numerous methods and items can significantly boost Bruxish’s spawn rate and trainers can use these in-game items to boost their chances of encountering the colorful fishy catch. Pokemon GO Lure Modules, Incense, weather boost, and many more tricks are up your sleeve.

Bruxish is boosted by Rain and Windy weather, which means its spawn rate will increase during these conditions. You can visit areas with these conditions and see the difference in the spawn rate. 

Pokemon GO Lure Modules can be added to PokeStops or Gyms to increase the number of Pocket Monsters that appear in the vicinity. Using a Lure Module during event hours can improve the likelihood of finding a Bruxish, as its spawn rate is already elevated. Not just that, they will last for three hours instead of 30 minutes during such events.

Bruxish wreaking havoc in Pokemon GO
Bruxish, as it appears to be in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Incense is used to increase the monster spawns around the trainer. This is comparable to Lure Modules, but instead of being attached to a PokeStop or Gym, Incense is applied directly to the player. As long as you are on the move, the overall Pokemon spawn rate in your vicinity will be boosted significantly. You can also use the nearby in-game feature as it notifies if any Bruxish is within the radar and where to head to catch one. 

That said, there is also an option to encounter the monster in One-star raids. The dual Water and Psychic-type Bruxish is a Pokemon GO Raid Boss that is vulnerable to Dark, Ghost, Bug, Grass, and Electric-type moves. Using monsters that utilize these attacks will result in STAB damage, which is extremely useful for beating and catching the monster.

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