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5 things Counter-Strike 2 needs to succeed

Counter-Strike has been a sought-after title for the First Person Shooter genre. It brags about one of the most prestigious Esports scenes with a massive prize pool and viewership. Despite the glory, the game has been dated with exclusive problems ruining the player experience. Hope for a change remains as leaks aired surrounding a potentially new Counter-Strike game.

Given that the rumors are true, Counter-Strike 2 might become reality and it needs certain changes to succeed. There are elements that fans want to see in the Source 2 version that can be beneficial in the long run. Here are 5 features that the new counter-strike needs to be a big success.

Counter-Strike 2 can be successful with these 5 features

1. 128-Tick Servers


As of now, CS GO official servers run on a 64-Tick rate, which is not enough considering a game that requires high precision. A lower tick rate implies lower server responsiveness which directly ties player’s experience. Issues regarding bad hit registry, choppy gameplay, and nade throw all ties back to the servers used.

One of the reasons why hardcore veterans play on FACEIT as it offers fluid 128-Tick rate servers. Counter-Strike 2 should acknowledge the existing issue and come up with an answer. It should provide a 128-Tick rate server or even better to be a worthy successor of the franchise.

2. Better Anti-cheat system 

VAC ban notification Counter-Strike
VAC ban notification (Image courtesy of Valve)9

The Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system came out with CS: GO and it is outdated. The core design of VAC is to identify cheats that have been registered in its system. It can only detect a program that is directly influencing the game while it’s running. The game has to tackle numerous hackers daily and its anti-cheat is lacking in that regard. 

Modern-day cheat detection software such as Riot’s Vanguard is much more reliable. It automatically detects any suspicious background program showcasing its efficiency. Counter-Strike 2 should redesign its anti-cheat to answer modern-day hackers and scripters. This will improve the in-game experience that players would love to have.

3. More playable maps 

For a game as old as CS: GO, there are limited competitive maps that are chosen by players at a competitive level. There are only 7 Active Duty maps that are recorded in the game. The reason behind such a short number is connected to map design.

Counter-Strike 2 should feature more maps that are designed to be functional. It should house balance for both the terrorists and counter-terrorists to create an organic impact on the game. There should be frequent rotation in the map pool to allow players to try out something new.

4. Improved UI

Counter-Strike Demo Playback UI
Counter-Strike Demo Playback UI (Image courtesy of Valve)

Perhaps, the UI is somewhere that the Source 2 Counter-Strike can work on. Over the years CS: GO has witnessed quite a few interface changes but there is still a lot to work on. One of the major highlights in this regard is the replay controls in-game. It is not at all user-friendly with a small box clustered with unnoticeable buttons. 

The new game should make some desirable changes to amp up its UI game. Valve has already established Dota 2 on their new engine which marks a fantastic interface. They should use their existing knowledge to improve the user experience on their upcoming Counter Strike game.

5. Regulate the skin market

Knives are some of the most expensive skins in CS: GO
Knives are some of the most expensive skins in CS: GO (Image courtesy of Valve

Most of the CS: GO skin market is unregulated. People have created a lucrative business out of skin trading and gambling which mostly flies under the radar. Counter-Strike’s Loot-box system is designed like a spin-wheel game. Players spend money on keys in hopes to get pricier cosmetics that they can easily convert into real money.
Even gambling websites are out in the open with no canon on age limits. In-game skins can be transferred to these 3rd-party sites via bots which can then be used for tournament bets.
Counter-Strike 2 needs to acknowledge the problem and regulate the market. Skins should be completely cosmetic and they should hold a fixed price tag. This way, they might lose some money but overall the title will be able to keep their nose clean.

Akash Paul is a Law graduate and a cosplay enthusiast. His current goal in life is to work as a writer in Spieltimes and learn through the process. He is also a passionate gamer and a full-time turtle dad.