Information on Counter-Strike 2
Information on Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike, a prime First Person Shooter, has now been a hot topic in the gaming community. Some recent leaks revealed that Valve has updated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to include Source 2 as the Developer’s Pre-release branch. With that piece of information and “csgos2.exe” appearing after the NVIDIA driver profile update, Counter-Strike 2 seems to be the next big thing. 

A Twitter account named Gabe Follower has been updating the community about various findings of Counter Strike 2 from its database. What is massive about this development is that CS fans wanted a new addition to the title and they can finally get one. From journalist Richard Lewis confirming the existence of Counter Strike 2 to Valve changing their Twitter banner, everything is hinting towards a new start. 

Buckle up, as this article will cover all the speculation and leaks about the new Counter-Strike game that might be on its way.

News about Counter Strike 2, covering everything that is known so far

On February 27, 2023 Valve changed their banner on the CS: GO Twitter account. What might seem like a minor change caught the community’s interest.  Speculation and leaks surrounding a new Counter-Strike game started to surface from that point on.


Earlier in March 2023, Gabe Follower tweeted stating that the NVIDIA Driver update reflected executable files for Counter-Strike 2. The incident solidified the speculations of a potentially new version of the game on Source Engine 2

Richard Lewis on Counter-Strike 2 news
Richard Lewis on Counter-Strike 2 news (Image courtesy of Richard Lewis)

The news is further supported by Richard Lewis, a well-renowned Esports Journalist. He clarifies that an anonymous source revealed that Counter Strike 2 is under development. Valve prioritized the game’s potential future as the beta is likely to be released by March. 

The reason why this new installment was required has to do with the fact that the game has been unattended for a long time. It requires polishing, bug fixes, and a fresh start in their upgraded Engine.

More information about the game


It can be observed from the tweet, that the new Counter-Strike servers might not be of a 128 tickrate. However, “tickless / subtick” was highlighted in the Dota 2 database indicating that Valve is working on improving server responsiveness. 


Here are some of the potential map pools that might be added to the Source 2 game. Map selection is an integral part of Counter-Strike tournaments. The game boasts an established Esports scenario and it will be interesting to see how the new game lives up to it. 


Another leaker, Aquarius on Twitter posted a log in which a developer was spotted testing Deathmatch for a future version of the game. From this post, it can be assumed that the potential version of the new game is in the testing phase. 


Lastly, Gabe Follower shared how  “cs2.exe” a new executable file was spotted in the Developer’s Pre-release configs. The logs have been actively updated by Valve which suggests that players might get an official announcement soon.