Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) has been a Counter-Strike tournament circuit since 2007. In the beginning, Counter-Strike 1.6 was the used version but, after the reformulation in 2016, it became the stage for Majors and other Counter competitions Strike Global Offensive. Tournaments take place all over the world. Some cities, however, have become a reference in esports as they receive championships consecrated annually. This is the case with Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice in Poland.

IEM Katowice will be held from the 15th to the 27th of February, giving away $1 million in prize money; the champion takes home an amount of $400K. We know that the e-sports season is a great opportunity for those who want to place bets online and follow the championships with some adrenaline. Sports betting is already a big part of this championship and to help you we have brought some betting picks from experts at

See The Highlights Of 2021 And What To Expect In 2022

Gambit was the grand IEM Katowice champion of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Russian team won, in an upset, and concluded the surprising campaign with the title of one of the leading competitions on the calendar. The score was 3-1, with 14-16 for Vertigo, 16-6 for Dust2, 16-4 for Train, and 16-12 for Overpass. As a result, Gambit earned US$ 400 thousand. VP, in turn, pocketed US$ 180 thousand.

The Main Game Of 2021

Gambit started as a Terrorist at Vertigo and won the first three rounds. VP responded with two retakes and, after giving up another point, rocked and opened up 9-6. The fatness of Jame’s men grew with the pistol but waned after Gambit hit a six-round streak and turned the score around 12-10 and later 14-11. Sanjar “SANJI” grew up in the end, helped VP go five rounds, and closed the game at 16-14.

VP’s map of choice, Dust2 started with Jame’s team upfront, making the first point. Gambit won the force and did not take long to extend the advantage by 5-2. Good executions ensured the VP alive in the game, but Gambit went to half-time, winning 9-6.

As a terrorist, Gambit was relentless. The Russians relied on an inspired performance by Timofey “interz” to take the necessary seven rounds and, without letting VP breathe, won 16-6.

On Train, Gambit continued to show its packaged terrorist side. Abbay “Hobbit” and his teammates won the first two points and, after losing at gunpoint, managed to recover and open 6-1. VP still had some valuable points, but the Russians were dominant and opened 11-4.

As in the previous map, Gambit also made a perfect second leg. Like CT, the Russian team didn’t let VP exploit its weaknesses, scored the five points it needed, and ended the game 16-4. Closing the series on Overpass, Gambit started with everything, winning five of the first six rounds and opening 5-1. The team still managed to extend the advantage to another 11-4 at half-time on the CT side.

The VP came back with everything, winning three rounds, but it stopped there. Gambit managed to break the opposing streak and reached match point with 15-7, VP held back, but the duel ended in 16-12.

We can hope that these teams come back with all their strength for 2022, ready to win the trophy again or looking for revenge.

Katowice, Poland

Located in southern Poland, Katowice is a city known for hosting one of the most significant esports events globally, the ESL Intel Extreme Masters. The town made its IEM debut in its eighth season in 2012 with the Global Challenge Katowice. This edition featured League of Legends and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm competitions. The event took place at Arena Spodek and, thanks to its success, the city became the official stage for the season finals in the following years.

Although IEM Katowice did not promote Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions in its first editions, it was with the FPS that the city became an absolute reference in electronic sports. So much so that in 2019, Arena Spodek hosts the first CS:GO Major of the year, with a prize pool of US$1 million (approximately R$3.7 million in direct conversion).