Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PlayStation 4 and 5?

Counter-Strike 2 cover art with PS logo

Counter-Strike 2 is real and was officially confirmed by Valve on March 22, 2023, in a surprise reveal. The sequel to the fan-favorite shooter will be an upgrade to CS:GO, based on the Source 2 engine.

CS2 will launched with improved graphics, gameplay, and mechanics that will be new to the shooter genre. Some of the major highlights are volumetric interactable smokes, 128-tick servers, and overhauled core gameplay.

Many console players have been asking whether the game will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5. Unfortunately, the answer is no as Counter-Strike 2 will be PC-exclusive via Steam.

Exploring why Counter-Strike 2 will not launch on PlayStation

Competitive shooters like Counter-Strike and Valorant have never been made available on consoles. However, some exceptions are there like Rainbow Six Siege which uses the aim assist feature.

Since Counter-Strike is very competitive, the aim-assist option isn’t added to the game. If CS2 was launched for PlayStation, playing it would be difficult for many and wouldn’t work the same.

Additionally, if a console version was indeed added, Valve would also have to dedicate some servers for the platform. Moreover, a cross-play option would be not good as many experienced players use the PC platform. The entire thing would feel unfair for anyone playing on PlayStation.

Some PlayStation players believe they can compete with a PC player’s aim on Counter-Strike 2, which is false. In Valve’s shooter, there are moments when gamers would flick a headshot instantly, which is only possible with a mouse.

Thus, Counter-Strike 2 will not be coming to the PlayStation platform as it doesn’t seem right for Valve. The only option that remains for these players is they buy a PC that would support CS2 and enjoy the competitive shooter there.

With that said, there are plenty of shooter games to play on console like the Call of Duty franchise, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield series, and so on. These are known for their dopamine-filled action and tactical moments players wish to get from Counter-Strike 2.

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