CS: GO players were waiting for a new release that could fix an issue with the game, and a new patch has been released only a few days ago. However, despite the patch’s arrival, it looks like there was no fix made for the wall bug hack issue. People will still be able to exploit it until it somehow gets taken into consideration. So if you were about to go on a CSGO case open site, before you use the items you get, you should be aware that people are still going to use the wallhack bug problem to their benefit.

Wall Hack Bug Issue – What Is It?

On August 12, a YouTuber known as “Sparkles” discovered a wallhack and has thus made many people aware of this issue considering he has a larger reach. This wallhack bug is not different from similar such issues: it doesn’t allow the players to boot up the game unless they first activate the first-person shooter’s vpk files.

Therefore, someone playing CS: GO is able to create their own vpk files which can be used as a replacement for old vpk ones. As a result, they can make themselves have the upper hand in any match, as they can make enemies show through walls on the map, hear their enemies, or not render smokes.

Although it may not seem like a huge problem at first glance, it can break the balance of the game in reality. People who make their custom vpk files will instantly get the advantage over their opponents, and in an unfair way. What’s even worse is that this is not like your typical hack that will end up getting detected in the end.

Sparkles revealed a different issue before this happened, and days later it ended up being fixed in a new patch. But since a new patch has just been released and no fix has been made, we can expect to wait a bit longer until this new problem is addressed.
The one thing you can do if you think someone is abusing the wallhack bug is to report them.

August 17 CSGO Patch – What Did It Bring to the Game?

Even though people were looking forward to this patch, it didn’t manage to add too much stuff to CS: GO. It mostly focused on minor things, while the wallhack bug wasn’t given a fix.
With this patch, people finding matches on the official game servers of CS: GO will now have region-specific average wait times. On the scoreboard for the match, it will be shown which players were playing as a party when the reveal for the skill groups was made. Additionally, there will be an asynchronously established Rcon connection from the client, while the address cannot be changed when you connect to dedicated servers.
Stability improvements have been made as well.

Final Thoughts

Valve didn’t fix the wallhack bug issue in this latest patch, so you should wait a little longer for a new patch to be released. They have to address it and make sure no player has to suffer because of it.


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