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Cases are an integral part of the CS:GO that plays a big role in the in-game item economics. Players are always looking for the case that they will open to get the best profit. But is there really one?

To answer that question, we have researched the prices of each case and the items inside. So get ready to learn which case can bring you the best profit out of all, and discover what are the most valuable items from it.

But before we start, we want to inform you about a unique yet interesting way to open cases. This CS:GO open case platform features many cases, some of which are custom and unique. Additionally, you can take advantage of the local bonuses and boost your profit from case opening easily.

CS:GO Weapon Case: The Most Profitable Case

If we go back to 2013, when CS:GO was just finding its audience, the first case was added to the game. It was a CS:GO Weapon Case featuring the first items you could use to adorn your guns. To open this case, players have to purchase a special key for $2.5.

How Can You Get CS:GO Weapon Case?

When CS:GO Weapon Case was released, it often dropped after the games. But nowadays, the chance of its drop grows significantly rare. And so, there are two realistic ways to obtain it left:

  • Trading. You can find other players who own this case and trade it for a worthy set of items;
  • Purchasing. You can go to the steam official trade market and buy the case for $60. If you are wondering which way is the easiest, purchasing is probably the answer. Because if you would want to trade it, you will need to use third-party recourse to find the person who owns the case. And then you will also need to reach out to him, which is sometimes pretty hard.

The Most Expensive Skins In CS:GO Weapon Case

The case profit we discuss is obtained mainly by getting the in-game items. And like in any case, CS:GO Weapon Case features some rare item variants. Thus, the most profitable ones to get are:

Desert Eagle Hypnotic

Starting with a pretty minimalistic yet elegant Deagle skin. Hypnotic skin features a black spiral pattern centered on the iron sight. The rest of the skin doesn’t try to be very fancy and is just a solid gray paint.

Hypnotic Deagle can be obtained in two wear states: Factory New and Minimal Wear. The first cost $100, while the second cost around $97. If you are lucky enough to get a StatTrak version of this skin, you can sell it for a couple of tens of dollars more.

AK-47 Case Hardened

Considering how iconic a gun AK – 47 is, Valve had to put the skin for it in the first case. And they did. AK-47 Case Hardened pattern features stains of blue, red, and yellow shades. The placement of those colors can vary, which changes the price of the skin.

AK-47 Case Hardened can be obtained in all the wear states, while the most expensive ones cost around $305. The StatTrak version of this wear state reaches $500.

AWP Lighting Strike

And how could AWP be left without a skin? But Valve went even further, giving it the most expensive skin in the case. AWP Lighting Strike visuals consist of a solid purple background covering the rifle’s body and the purplish lightning bolt striking from buttstock to barrel.

The price of this AWP ranges from 520 to 600 dollars and has factory new and minimal wear options. While the StatTrak alternatives of these wear states cost 780 and 920 dollars.

If you want to get some of the mentioned skins but their price is too high, there is an option. Some CS:GO case opening resources allow their clients to obtain skins completely for free. Enter this page and learn how to spice up your inventory with free items.

Various Knives

Besides the fancy skins we have just mentioned, there are also extra rare rewards in the CS:GO Weapon Case. M9 Bayonet, Karambit, Gut, Flip, and Bayonet knives became the first skins CS:GO players started to get obsessed with.

The prices of knife skins are very different, as there are plenty of colorways and pattern indexes. But generally, you can expect a knife from the CS:GO Weapon Case to cost from $100 to a couple of thousands of dollars.