Counter Strike Global Offensive
Courtesy of Valve

Prior to the next-gen consoles’ release, gamers could play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, the title never transitioned to Microsoft’s and Sony’s following developments, the PS4 and Xbox One. Because of that, there’s now heightened demand among the gaming community for Valve Corporation to bring the much-loved shooter to the newly-released PS5 and Xbox Series X. So, is this now an ideal opportunity to relaunch CS:GO on the latest range of games consoles?

Reaching New Heights Over the Last Decade

Since being released in 2012, CS:GO has successfully retained its popularity as a must-play shooter. According to Steam Charts, the title achieved its all-time peak gaming numbers in April 2020, with 1.3 million active PC players. This speaks volumes about how the game has become increasingly appealing during an ever-competitive gaming sector. To showcase the impressive nature of CS:GO’s rise, in April 2016, the title had 850,485 players.

One forward-thinking factor that’s unquestionably aided CS:GO’s longevity relates to its thriving existence in both the eSports and betting scenes. The Valve development topped the rankings concerning total prize pools, with its 2020 figures sitting at $14.75 million, almost $6 million more than second-placed Dota 2.

The title’s success on the competitive gaming scene has opened the door to an array of betting possibilities, which allows the community to interact in more diverse ways. As many gamers form an attachment with high-level CS:GO teams, eSports is continually evolving to resemble traditional sports. As such, there’s now an array of CS:GO-related markets to bet on. Betsafe eSport odds, for example, host opportunities surrounding the shooters’ upcoming events, such as the IEM Katowice and Snow Sweet Snow.

Now Could be the Right Time

Due to the PS5’s and the Xbox Series X’s forward-thinking nature, a compatible version of CS:GO would further elevate the title’s popularity. Fundamentally, one of the primary reasons for this concerns the aesthetic qualities that both consoles ensure. Sony’s PS5 runs numerous games in 4K and 120 frames per second, much like the Microsoft alternative. In years gone by, and at the time of writing, most games only run at 60 FPS. However, technological advancements now enable next-gen consoles to function at 120 FPS. In terms of how this alters in-game experiences, 120 FPS offers more fluidity and responsiveness. Moreover, regarding their respective compatibility with 4K, this enhanced resolution will create a more life-like picture that will rival the PC market.

As touched on above, a wide-ranging selection of titles currently run at 60 FPS. As such, should CS:GO be relaunched, it opens the door for next-gen consoles to solidify a definitive FPS across competitive experiences. Not only that, but the Xbox Series X and Series S, along with the PS5, now embrace keyboard and mouse compatibility. In turn, this creates a level playing field between PC and console gamers, which is needed if cross-platform gaming ever came to fruition. Moreover, given that CS:GO has long been a non-controller game, next-gen compatibility could offer controller-only leagues, much like Call of Duty: Mobile.

There’s No Time Like the Present

If Valve Corporation is considering whether to relaunch its title, there may not be a better time to do so than in 2021. Currently, the next-gen gaming world is perfectly poised to welcome CS:GO onto the market. With 4K resolution, 120 FPS opportunities, and keyboard and mouse compatibility, it’s best to strike now, especially as the title is, at the time of writing, averaging over 700,000 monthly players.


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