Esports Betting
Creator: Aliaksandr Zdunkevich

Esports has rapidly grown in popularity in India, as the availability of the Internet has improved across the country. This has led to the creation of some top esports startups, such as JetSynthesys, Cobx Gaming, and Nodwin Gaming. Currently, the esports industry in India is said to be worth INR 43.8 billion and this is expected to increase to INR 118.8 billion by 2023. 

It’s clear that there is a great demand for esports in the country. This has led to a rise in esports betting with fans keen to place bets on the exploits of stars like Ankit “V3nom” Panth. There are several sites that specialize in esports betting and which are popular with Indian bettors. 

Sites where Indians place bets on esports 

There are several sites that are popular with esports fans who want to place a bet on their favorite players or teams. 


Jeetwin is setting its sights on becoming the best sportsbook for the Indian market, and they will according to reports by JustGamblers. The reason why they are so popular is that they focus their attention on the Indian market. This means that esports fans in the country can place bets using their own currency. 


The famous Betway brand has created a Betway Esports site that is solely dedicated to esports betting. It concentrates on providing bettors with a quick and easy experience. 

Arcane Bet 

Arcane is a relatively new betting platform but it’s dedicated to providing good odds on esports betting, in India and across the globe. Its focus is on providing competitive odds across a broad range of esports markets such as Fortnite Betting and NBA 2K League Betting. 

Buff Bet 

Buff Bet is another esports betting platform that caters to esports enthusiasts in India and internationally. It provides a range of betting options, including in-play betting. Fans watch live Twitch feeds of play and place bets while the action is happening. 

Loot Bet 

Loot Bet is a Cyprus based esports betting platform that has sponsored several esports events. The platform is available in a multitude of different languages making it popular around the world and not just in India. It’s a site that is completely dedicated to esports and does not provide any other sportsbook action. 

Which esports markets are popular?

All of the sites that Indians visit to bet on esports provide odds on a range of different markets. This includes betting on smaller events as well as major tournaments. 

Obviously, tournaments featuring top-earning Indian esports players attract a lot of attention. For instance, Krish “MooN” Gupta has many fans as a star of Dota 2 tournaments, so those fans would be most likely to bet on that market. 

PUBG is another major market in Indian esports betting. This is likely because the game itself is hugely popular in the country. Overall, it’s estimated that there are around 10-15 million daily active users of the game in India and 30-40 million monthly users. 

It’s clear that esports and esports betting are both booming in India, including other popular games, and their associated betting markets, like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and League of Legends. As Internet coverage in the country continues to improve, it seems likely that this boom will continue.