The FIFA Global Series returns, and with it comes rewards for players and watchers of the eSports league. Players can earn rewards by tuning in, making it one of the easier ways to earn packs that could reward top players. The GFS will feature some of the best FIFA 23 players in the world, mixing eSports clubs with players sponsored by real-life football clubs.

Here’s how you can watch and get rewards:

How to Earn FIFA Global Series (FGS) Swap Tokens

The first thing you need to do is link your Twitch and EA accounts. You can do that through Afterward, visit the EA Sports FIFA Twitch channel when FGS games are broadcasting. You must accumulate 60 minutes of watch time and get an FGS Swap Token reward.

The token is guaranteed as long as you’ve watched for an hour. You cannot earn multiple tokens during a broadcast, meaning you must tune in on separate days to continue earning swap tokens. EA will reward the tokens in-game within 24 hours after you’ve claimed the reward on Twitch.

Using Your FGS Swap Tokens

Head in-game, and in the Ultimate Team mode, you’ll see label SWAPS at the store. You’ll be able to use your FGS Swap tokens here for packs. Higher-valued packs will cost more, and they are as follows:

  • Premium Gold Pack: 1 Token
  • Premium Gold Players Pack: 2 Tokens
  • Prime Gold Players Pack: 3 Tokens
  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack: 4 Tokens

The strategy will be up to the players. You can opt to buy multiple of the lower-valued packs or save up for a higher-valued one. EA announced that the SBCs are repeatable, meaning you can accumulate tokens and then spend them before the Global Series ends. They confirmed that the shop will remain open until the end of the season.

Viewing Schedule

The FIFA Global Series will begin on October 17, with weekly broadcasts until January 16, 2023. From there, there will be January 18 and 21 broadcasts. You can earn 11 tokens if you watch an hour of each broadcast. Players must watch the EA Sports Cup competition slated on Mondays. The only exception will be during the final two broadcasts of the season.

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Twitch Prime members will also be able to get drops from FIFA 23, with the first drop now available. The special Prime Gaming pack includes seven gold rarity players and two player picks usable for Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 will be the final EA game that will use the FIFA name after a lengthy battle with FIFA’s licensor. Players have praised the numerous improvements put in the game, and many consider it one of the best in football simulations. It’s the end of an era, though EA is looking to end the game with a bang.

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