Focalors the Hydro Archon from Genshin Impact
Focalors the Hydro Archon from Fontaine (Image courtesy of Reddit/ queensofgenshin)

Archons are among the strongest characters in Genshin Impact and for a good reason. Teyvat has seven nations with each having different Archons that are worshiped by the people. The story has already explored four such nations and Fontaine is lined up next. According to the lore, Focalors is believed to be the Hydro Archon and the god of Fontaine. 

There has been no official news about the region from HoYoverse as of yet. However, leaks surrounding Focalors surfaced recently. The only way that players know about her existence is from NPCs and dialogues from existing characters. Here are all the rumors and leaks surrounding Hydro Archon that have been revealed so far. 

Leaks and information about Focalors, the Hydro Archon from Genshin Impact

Nahida talkes about Focalors the Hydro Archon from Genshin Impact
Nahida talks about Focalors (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

There is one major information that HoYoverse revealed about the Focalors is that she is the God of Justice. Nahida discloses this piece of information once players complete the Archon Quest from patch 3.2. She further comments that the Hydro god does not take part in the trial, but is a keen influencer of the final verdict. 

Over to what has been leaked so far. The following Reddit link showcases what could be her in-game design. 


It can be observed that she carries the Hydro Vision around her waist. Her fashion seems unique to Fontaine and more will be revealed on that upon release.

If the leaks are to be believed, we should only have 2 more new 5* after 3.5. I am personally only trying for Yelan, regardless if i win or lose that 50/50. I am saving for Focalors. And depending on the the constellations. I might go deep. from FocalorsMains

Another leak talks about her physical attributes. Here, Focalors is highlighted as someone with the appearance of a teenager. The notable points here are the white short hair and exposed legs with a ring on them. It should be considered that most of the leaks are subject to change until the developers confirm them.

Patch release, weapons, and more

Reliable leaker ProjectENKA stated that she will likely be released in version 4.1 of Genshin Impact. The speculation is based on the fact that HoYoverse drops the Archon banners after the Anniversary patch. It can be safe to say that more information will be available around the time of Fontaine’s release. 

Upcoming weapons – bottom left possibly Soutine’s BiS from SoutineMains

Focalors was rumored to be a Hydro Claymore user. The bottom left-hand-side weapon from the link above was believed to be her best-in-slot by the community. However, some recent leaks indicate that she might not be a Claymore-wielding god. 

Just here to clarify that Soutine isn’t Focalor. (Source: Pulsle) from SoutineMains

For now, players are still unaware of her capabilities as the information is limited. She is expected to be a powerful character given that Hydro is arguably a strong element in the game. Moreover, Genshin Impact has always made its Archons meta-relevant and Focalors is one of them. 


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