Fortnite update v24.20
Fortnite servers downtime today for update v24.20 (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite update v24.20 is set to launch at 3 AM ET today as the fans are highly excited for the incoming Fortnite x Attack on Titan content. Due to a lot of new content coming up, an official statement has confirmed that the update will have a larger file size than usual. This is why the Fortnite servers downtime has also been pushed by an hour.

Players in Battle Royale and Save The World Modes should consider logging off from their sessions by 2:15 AM ET to avoid losing out on progress. Moreover, as the file size will be bigger than usual, the downtime will take some time to get resolved. Let us dive right into the details and throw some light on the subject.

Fortnite servers downtime today: When will it be resolved?

Usually, the downtime before any update lasts for two to three hours in Fortnite. However, as the file size for the current update is larger than usual, it may take up to four hours to get resolved.

A longer downtime should not be a problem for you if you are in the ET zone. As the downtime begins at 3 AM ET, by the time the update ends, it should be close to 7 AM ET. Due to this being a weekday, a large number of fans in the Eastern Zone will have to try the new update later in the day. However, if you live in Asia, congratulations as you can try the new v24.20 update as soon as it goes live.

The main attraction of the update v24.20

You can look forward to using the famous ODM gear from Attack on Titan. Moreover, if you are a Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass holder, the Eren Yeager skin alongside Levi and Mikasa will be unlocked for you to try. If you are a fan of both Fortnite and Attack on Titan, this is arguably the best time for you to be living. There will arguably be a lot more content added to the update than just this, but they are still yet not confirmed.

This was everything you had to know about the Fortnite servers downtime today.

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