WWE 2K23 roster
5 wrestlers missing from WWE 2K23 roster (Image via WWE)

With 2K Games just giving early access to the fans who pre-ordered WWE 2K23, it is now one of the biggest topics of discussion in the gaming community. They also announced the official roster of the game in early March this year with the WWE 2K23 Season Pass.

Some fans are happy that their favorite wrestler made the list, while some maybe not. This annual game is all about anticipation, and if certain people will show up in the game. There are some great additions this year such as Cody Rhoades, but some of the fan favorites have missed out.

In this list, you will take a look at the five popular wrestlers who are missing from the WWE 2K23 roster:

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s personal views on the matter.

WWE 2K23: 5 popular names missing from the roster

1) Bronson Reed

WWE 2K23
Bronson Reed (Image via WWE)

Bronson Reed was out of the wrestling scene for some time. After returning just in December 2022, there was no way he was making the roster. But as a wrestler of his stature, he has fans who are disappointed that he is not in WWE 2K23.

Reed is a young star in the scene and is expected to be in the 2K24 edition. He has already been putting in great performances since his return. He most recently put on a highlight performance in the Elimination Chamber. Thus, his fans are already anticipating him in the next edition.

2) Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae WWE
Candice LeRae (Image via WWE)

Everyone will agree when we say that Candice LeRae’s omission from the roster is the most surprising. She was out of the scene from July 2021 due to her being pregnant. Her contract with WWE expired on May 6, 2022, while she was still on leave.

She returned to WWE in September and was back in action on TV. She was a playable character even in 2K22, but it is still unknown why she did not make the cut for WWE 2K23. Her fans are genuinely upset about this fact too, but you can surely expect her to be in 2K24.

3) Mia Yim

Mia Yim
Mia Yim (bottom) as The O.C.’s fourth member (Image via WWE)

Mia Yim was also too late to make the cut for WWE 2K23. She was released from WWE in 2021 and went back to Impact wrestling. After not being able to replicate her WWE success there, she returned to the company in November 2022.

Since then she has had a good WWE season and has been a solid presence on Raw. Thus if you are a disappointed fan, there is a chance that she be there on WWE 2K24.

4) Roderick Strong

WWE 2K23
Roderick Strong (Image via WWE)

Another surprising omission from this year’s roster was Roderick Strong. He was a regular member of the WWE games for many years now.

But he has been injured for a long time, as he has not been on TV since. He injured his ankle in early 2022 and it is more serious than the fans expected. This was the main reason why he was not included in WWE 2K23 as he could not perform the motion capture for this game.

Thus if you are lucky and he returns soon, you might be able to see him again in future games.

5) Gallus

Gallus (Image via WWE)

The Gallus is a Scottish faction made by the brothers, Joe and Mark Coeffy teaming up with Wolfgang. They held the NXT UK Tag Team Championships from 2019 to 2021 and then moved to NXT US. They have great success individually too.

Even after winning the recent NXT Tag Team Championships, they are not a part of the game surprisingly. As preposterous as it seems for the fans, you can expect them to be in the game next year after their move to NXT US.

This concludes the list of the five popular wrestlers missing from the WWE 2K23 roster.

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