Powerful weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
All weapon types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Image via Team Ninja)

From the creators of the Nioh franchise, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest Soulslike that features fast-paced combat. It takes place in an ancient Chinese world, where players embark on a journey as a royal family member to reclaim the throne rightfully.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boasts a complex melee combat system, akin to the Nioh games. Players can choose from various weapon types that cater to different playstyles, where each has its own set of unique special abilities. This article will highlight the options available in the game and which type will be the best for you.

Every weapon type in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

There is many types of weapons available in the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here are all the known types in the game and their key use cases:

  • Bows: If you wish to go for ranged fights, these weapon are lightweight and allow free movement while aiming.
  • Crossbows: These are better than bows in some ways as they are heavy ballistic weapons. However, players will have to stay in one position to use their pick to its full potential.
  • Curved sabres, straight sabres, and swords: If you wish to go for damage and high speed in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, these are the best choices. These weapons are lightweight and can be wielded in pairs in some cases.

  • Halberds, gaives, slashing spears, and spears: Damaging while maintaining distance is a great strategy for players using these weapons.
  • Poleaxes and hammers: These picks deal the highest damage, however, come at a cost of speed. If you can master the timing of attacks with these weapons, the reward surely comes with the risk taken.
  • Staves: While these may seem basic at first glance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it certainly isn’t the truth. These weapons are the fastest of all, but do the least damage. If you like to have agility, this is the type that fits your playstyle.

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