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Best Diablo 4 Druid build for solo players (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

The Open Beta for Diablo 4 is underway and fans are absolutely thrilled with the addition of the Druid and Necromancer class. Previously, in the Early Access Beta, the only available classes were Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer. But now, players can unleash the power of the Druid, which is arguably one of the strongest in the entire game.

There are various builds for Druid around, and people are fascinated with the variety of skills and abilities on offer. However, this article will focus on bringing the highest potential out of your choice and make it overpowered to maul the World Bosses like nothing.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s personal views on the matter. It does not attack or harm anyone’s personal preferences.

Diablo 4 Druid build: Exploring the best options in the game

Build focus

This build focuses on the werebear abilities of the Druid and will make your character an overpowered tank with massive health. The combined Life and Fortified Life pool will transfer the power into enormous raw damage. After all, it is a tanky build with massive damage. You will have several other defensive skills for protection as well.

Important skills to unlock with this build in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Open Beta will only allow you to go up to level 25, so you can spend 24 skill points. Moreover, you will also get two additional points from Renown in the Fractured Peaks. This take your spending capability to 26.

This build will focus on the werebear skills to deal heavy damage with the help of the Overpower mechanic.

You must focus on getting Maul, Pulverize, Debilitating Roar, Earthen Bulwark, Ravens, Trample, and most importantly, Grizzly Rage. You can also add Predatory Instinct, Iron Fur, and Provocation to this build. It is necessary to unlock all three levels of these skills and upgrade them to their maximum power.

Your Ultimate skill, Supreme Grizzly Rage, is the most important skill to unlock as it is not only great as an offensive skill, but it will also reduce the damage you take. Although there are other Ultimate skills like Cataclysm and Petrify, Grizzly Rage will make you just unstoppable. If you upgrade it to Supreme level, you will also gain Fortified life while it is active. You will wipe the floor with your enemies as a werebear in Diablo 4 with Grizzly Rage.

As mentioned earlier, this is a heavy werebear tank build, with enough defensive skills to protect you while you run through enemies and demons.

Build mechanics to remember

Fortify and Overpower are the two most important build mechanics to use in this build.

Fortify is an effect that provides you with a 10% damage reduction when your Fortified Life is higher than your current Life. Treat this as a secondary resource gauge.

Overpower is an effect that will make your skills do additional damage. By default, it has a 3% chance to trigger for all direct damage skills. The bonus scales with your combined Life and Fortified Life pool. At 100% Life and 0% Fortified Life, Overpower provides a 50% damage bonus. It scales linearly up to 150% as your Fortified Life approaches 100%.

Best Gems to use

Gems are very powerful items that can provide bonus buffs to your gear. The following are the best gems to slot into your gear sockets:

  • Weapon: Emeralds, for Damage to Elites.
  • Armor: Sapphires, for Damage Reduction While Fortified.
  • Jewelry: Diamonds, for Resistance to All Elements or Skulls, for Armor if your Resistances are capped.

Additional tips for combat

While combat in Diablo 4 might be very challenging, this build will let you win any fight if used correctly. Therefore, the following are some important tips:

  • Cast Grizzly Rage before entering any tough boss fight, as it will make it easier with the enormous damage it does.
  • Cast Trample to stun enemies during combat, and after it expires use Debilitating Roar and Earthen Bulwark to both protect yourself from damage and generate additional Fortified Life.
  • You should use Pulverise to deal enough damage to enemies if you have the Spirit.
  • Use basic skills like Maul to generate more spirit.

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