Best Strength weapons in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Strength Weapons

Elden Ring has a diverse arsenal of weapons and collectibles. Among them, the strength weapons hold the unique ability of raw power and the potential to take down enemies in a few blows.

The Shadow of the Erdtree has introduced some new categories of equipment having special abilities and characteristics. This article will give you insights into the features, effectiveness, and location of such weapons.

5 best strength weapons that will help early in Elden Ring

1. Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword

Elden Ring Strength Weapons
Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword is a massive weapon having Strength and Arcane scaling. When equipped with both hands its AR can reach up to 840. The basic attacks include piercing and poking from a long range.

White Light Charge is a unique Ash of War for this greatsword and gives the weapon great speed and staggering power. It is ideal for players who are looking forward to maintaining aggression during a battle and closing the gap to deal significant damage to the enemies

Head to the Ruined Forge of the Starfall Past and locate the altar on the second floor. Examine the altar to get your hands on the Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword.

2. Gazing Finger

Gazing Finger
Gazing Finger (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Gazing finger is another unique intimidating weapon that requires Intelligence, Dexterity, and Faith. It has a high strength scaling of B with an attacking power of 989.

The weapon’s Ash of War: Kowtower’s Resentment sets it apart allowing it to unleash a strong wide-range attack that can clear a mob of enemies in front of you. The Gazing Finger is perfect for players who are looking for something that causes large area damage and is effective in crowd control scenarios.

The Gazing Finger can be found in Metyr, Mother of Fingers’ Remembrance close to the Finger Birthing Grounds site of grace.

3. Greatsword of Radahn

Greatsword of Radahn
Greatsword of Radahn in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Greatsword of Radahn is a legendary weapon that you get at the end of this DLC. It has a high strength scaling making it a dependable choice for any strength build.

The Lightspeed Slash Ash of War helps the weapon to attack multiple enemies and remarkably boosts the damage output. This sword is the perfect choice for any PvP or PvE scenarios where you need a little bit of aggression and rapid attacks for the enemies.

Head north of the Gate of Divinity site of grace and locate the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Defeat this legendary boss to claim the weapon along with 500,000 runes.

4. Horned Warrior’s Greatsword

Horned Warrior's Greatsword
Horned Warrior’s Greatsword (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Horned Warrior’s Greatsword is a classic curved greatsword having spectacular strength scaling and also comes with a unique Ash of War – Horn Calling: Storm. This ability transforms the sword into a whirlwind of destruction increasing its crowd control capabilities and overall damage output.

When the weapon is held in both your hands its AR increases to 814. The sword has a basic combo consisting of heavy attacks, shines in offensive and defensive scenarios, and is specifically effective against a group of enemies

You can defeat the Horned Warriors generally found towards the end of Enir Ilim’s site of grace to claim this greatsword.

5. Cold Smithscript Greathammer

Greathammer Elden Ring
Cold Smithscript Greathammer (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Cold Smithscript Greathammer turns out to be a flexible and throwable strength weapon. You may throw the hammer at your enemies and it will return to you thus offering both melee and ranged combat abilities.

You may add this weapon to a heavy build which yields an AR of 764 or rather go with a cold build and add frost damage to your arsenal yielding an AR of 903. The frostbite causes additional damage to your enemies. Apart from this, the Greathammer can hit multiple targets at once and has a quick throw feature adding to your strategic flexibility.

You will find the Smithscript Greathammer in the Taylew’s ruined forge next to the West Rampart site of Grace. Once you have reached the location defeat the fire blob guard to claim your weapon.


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