Bethesda’s Starfield: Best Starting Classes | Ranked

Bethesda’s Starfield: Best Starting Classes | Ranked

When embarking on an epic sci-fi adventure in Bethesda’s massive new space RPG Starfield, choosing the right starting class for your character is crucial. Each class comes with its own set of baseline skills that provide advantages in certain playstyles. While Starfield allows total freedom to develop your character how you want, the initial class skills will give you a boost right out of the gate. We’ve ranked the classes to help you determine the best options for new players when beginning their journey among the stars.

The Best Starting Classes in Starfield


The Diplomat class is arguably the best starting choice for new Starfield players. With the skills Persuasion, Commerce, and Wellness, Diplomats excel at avoiding conflict through smooth talking, while also buying low and selling high. Increased health from Wellness provides a nice buffer as you learn combat. Overall, Diplomat equips you with great utility to handle many early-game challenges.


For those looking to jump straight into the action, Soldier is a great starting class. The skills Fitness, Ballistics, and Boost Pack Training make you a formidable combatant right away. Higher maximum oxygen from Fitness lets you explore longer, while Boost Pack Training provides a handy jetpack-like mobility tool. Add in increased ballistic damage, and the Soldier is ready to take on threats.

Cyber Runner

Players who favor stealth and larceny should go with Cyber Runner. This class starts with Stealth, Security, and Theft, allowing you to keep out of sight, pick locks, and take what isn’t yours. Cyber Runners can avoid fights and still acquire gear by liberating it from others. A very flexible starting class for non-direct players.

Space Scoundrel

Have you always wanted to be a space cowboy? Then Space Scoundrel is perfect for you. With the skills Pistol Certification, Piloting, and Persuasion, you can talk your way out of bar fights and fly between planets with ease. Pistol skills also let you blast enemies when needed. A very well-rounded set of starting abilities.

Other Solid Class Choices

While not tops, classes like Combat Medic, Bounty Hunter, and Beast Slayer are still good options for new players. Their skills can provide alternative playstyles and interests, so don’t count them out either. Just be aware of their limitations compared to the top-tier choices.

In the end, choose a Starfield class based on your preferred playstyle and interests. But if unsure, the above classes will give beginners accessible and powerful starting skills to more easily take on the game’s challenges among the stars.

Class Key Skills Playstyle
Diplomat Persuasion, Commerce, Wellness Social, Non-Combat
Soldier Fitness, Ballistics, Boost Pack Training Combat, Exploration
Cyber Runner Stealth, Security, Theft Stealth, Larceny
Space Scoundrel Pistol Certification, Piloting, Persuasion Exploration, Social

When embarking on an epic journey through Starfield’s galaxies, make sure to choose a starting class that matches your interests and desired play style. Our rankings highlight classes that provide the most accessible and useful skills for beginners.

If you have any further questions about the ranked standing of best starting classes in Bethesda Starfield, comment down. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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