Bethesda’s Starfield: Old Earth Weapons | How to Get

Starfield, the widely-acclaimed space RPG crafted by Bethesda, presents an impressive collection of futuristic weaponry, ranging from laser rifles to potent blasters. However, for those who hold a fondness for classic firearms, there’s good news! Within Starfield, there exist classic guns known as “Old Earth Weapons,” and this article aims to assist you in getting them.

What are Old Earth Weapons in Starfield?

Old Earth weapons are essentially firearms that should be instantly recognizable. Among them are classic items like the standard pump-action shotgun, a hunting rifle, and a handgun. All of these can be located and purchased within the expansive Starfield universe.

  • As you may be aware, Starfield boasts over 1,000 planets, each offering a diverse array of futuristic weaponry. 
  • The array of options can be thrilling but might also evoke feelings of overwhelm or nostalgia for Earthly firearms.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the process of getting four iconic Old Earth weapons within Starfield: the Old Earth Pump Shotgun, the VSS Old Earth Hunting Rifle, the AK-47 Old Earth Assault Rifle, and the M1911 Old Earth Pistol.

AK-47 Old Earth Assault Rifle

AK-47 Starfield
Screengrab courtesy of Bethesda

The renowned AK-47 is celebrated as one of the world’s most iconic firearms. It makes its presence felt in the Starfield universe as a part of the Old Earth weaponry collection.

Recognized for its unwavering reliability, the AK-47 Old Earth Assault Rifle continues to be a favored option among Starfield explorers.

Buy From Gun Stores

  • You can buy the AK-47 from the majority of firearm vendors in Starfield once you attain a level of around 10. 
  • To enhance your likelihood of discovering the AK-47 in their inventory, consider heading to Akila City, situated within the Cheyenne system
  • This particular location boasts classic weapons establishments like Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms.


  • If you prefer a more daring method, head to the Poriima system, positioned below and to the right of Cheyenne and Akila City on the star map. 
  • Within this system, aboard the ECS Constant, an opportunity awaits to steal an AK-47 along with other Old Earth weaponry from weapon racks situated within the ship’s armory.

Old Earth Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun Starfield
Screengrab courtesy of Bethesda

The pump shotgun, widely acknowledged as one of Earth’s most beloved firearms, has made its way into Starfield. This classic and potent close-range weapon is at your disposal for blowing up enemies’ heads.

Buy From Gun Stores

  • Go to a central hub like Akila City and explore the nearby firearm retailers.
  • Keep an eye out for establishments like Rowland Arms and similar stores scattered throughout the galaxy.
  • Neon Tactical or Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis might store this timeless shotgun.

Found in Old Weapon Cache

  • Embark on a journey to the ECS Constant, located within the Porrima system, near Alpha Centauri on the Star Map. 
  • Here, you will stumble upon a stash of Old Earth weapons, among them the coveted Old Earth Pump Shotgun, available for your acquisition without spending a single credit.

VSS Old Earth Hunting Rifle

VSS Starfield
Screengrab courtesy of Bethesda

The VSS, a long-range hunting rifle, stands as one of the preferred choices among rifle enthusiasts. Recognizable from its presence in popular shooting games like PUBG and Modern Warfare, the VSS can also be uncovered within the expansive universe of Starfield.

Buy From Gun Stores

  • Once you advance to approximately level 5 in the game, the VSS will begin to make its appearance in firearm stores. 
  • Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms are likely to consistently store the VSS, frequently equipped with pre-installed modifications.

Get the Weapon For Free

  • Embark on a voyage to the Poriima system, positioned to the right of Alpha Centauri, and track down the ECS Constant. 
  • Once aboard the vessel, delve into its storage section, where you’ll uncover a wealth of Old Earth firearms, among them the coveted VSS.

M1911 Old Earth Pistol

M1911 Starfield
Screengrab courtesy of Bethesda

Finally, let’s not forget the M1911 pistol. This sidearm is renowned as one of the finest handguns available. If you prefer a classic and elegant handgun for shooting in Starfield, the M1911 is a must-have.

Buy From Gun Stores

  • The M1911 is readily available in the majority of weapon stores throughout Starfield.
  • Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms frequently carry Old Earth weapons, including the Old Earth Pistol. 
  • It’s worth noting that the Old Earth Pistol may become accessible as early as level 1, allowing you to wield its classic charm right from the beginning of your adventure.


  • If you prefer thievery, a trip to the Poriima system, located far to the right of Alpha Centauri, is in order. 
  • Once aboard the ECS Constant, you’ll discover an armory filled with the classic M1911 Pistol and other valuable treasures.

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