Bethesda’s Starfield: What is the Best Spacesuit?
Bethesda0’s Starfield (Image by Steam)

As players embark on their galactic adventure in Bethesda’s ambitious new space RPG Starfield, one of the most important gear pieces they need to acquire is a high-quality spacesuit. With the vast open world having a range of climates and environments across its star systems, having a spacesuit that provides sufficient protection and defense is crucial. But with the variety of suits available, which one should players try to get their hands on first?

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What is the Best Spacesuit in Bethesda Starfield?

Best Spacesuit in Bethesda Starfield: The Coveted Mark I Spacesuit

Mark 1 Space Suit
Mark 1 Space Suit, Bethesda Starfield (Image via YouTube, Centerstrain01)

One suit that clearly stands above the rest in terms of rarity and overall stats is the Mark I Spacesuit. Its classic white and orange aesthetic channels the quintessential look of 20th-century astronauts, giving it an iconic appearance. More importantly, the Mark I provides substantial boosts to physical, energy, and electromagnetic defenses. It also has randomized perks that can further increase carrying capacity, melee damage, or other stats.

The Mark I is tagged with a common rarity level, but it has the defensive capabilities of higher-tier gear. This makes it one of the most useful suits players can acquire early on in their journey through the stars.

Where To Find The Mark I Spacesuit

The location of this powerful suit may come as a surprise to some players. It can be obtained very early on by visiting the headquarters of the Constellation faction, known as The Lodge, on the planet New Atlantis.

Specifically, the Mark I can be found in a display case in the basement storage area of The Lodge. But it is locked behind a level 3 security lock initially.

Using An Exploit To Grab It Quickly

Fortunately, there is a way to grab the Mark I without having to reach level 3 security through normal progression. An exploit exists that takes advantage of a gap in the display case.

By positioning the reticle in the right corner of the glass casing, an option appears to open the mannequin itself, which causes the spacesuit to be added to the player’s inventory. This trick allows retrieval of the suit immediately, without needing to meet the original requirement.

Ideal For Early Game Exploration

Having the Mark I Spacesuit so early opens up more possibilities for exploration and survival. The bonus defenses let players safely scout risky areas and take on difficult enemies or environmental hazards.

Rather than restricting movement due to insufficient protection, Mark I’s attributes support adventure and discovery across Starfield’s galaxies right from the start. It is an invaluable upgrade that sets the stage for greater cosmic journeys ahead.

Spacesuit Location How to Obtain
Mark I Basement of The Lodge, New Atlantis Exploit gap in display case

The Mark I Spacesuit is clearly the top-gear pick for early-game exploration in Starfield. Its excellent defenses and randomized perks give players a key advantage as they embark on their epic interstellar quest. While difficult to initially acquire, a simple exploit makes grabbing this powerful suit easy and fast.

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