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Starfield burden of proof location

In the vast universe of Starfield, there’s a multitude of quests to undertake. One such quest called the Burden of Proof can be quite overwhelming. In this article, we’re here to guide you on your journey to uncover all the locations where you can find the evidence needed for the Burden of Proof mission.

All Locations to Find the Burden of Proof Evidence

So, you’ve met the UC SysDef and embarked on the Crimson Fleet questline. The next step in your Starfield adventure is the Burden of Proof mission which kicks off after a chat with Lieutenant Toft. Your mission? Uncover 20 pieces of evidence that will help bring down the notorious Crimson Fleet.

Let’s dive into the details of this quest, but remember, you’ll only need to gather 18 out of the 20 pieces to successfully complete it. Some of the evidence is hidden within missions that you can’t revisit, making them easily missable. 

This mission might seem confusing and overwhelming. But fret not, we’ve got your back. Here’s a breakdown of where to find all that vital evidence:

Starfield burden of proof location
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Naeva Meetup – Deep Cover

  • Location: Behind Adler Kemp in the Broken Spear in Cydonia, Mars (Sol).

Carter’s Gig – Echoes of the Past

  • Location: Found in Carter’s Locker in The Lock.
  • You must grab this one to complete the quest.

Warden’s Log – Echoes of the Past

  • Location: Find it in the Warden’s Office in The Lock. It’s resting on a shelf to the right of the intercom.

Request Denied – Breaking the Bank

  • Location: You’ll spot this on a shelf in the Captain’s Room aboard the Siren of the Stars.

Galbank Plan – Breaking the Bank

  • Location: You have two options here – pay Gabriel Vera 2,500 credits for the evidence or take the more adventurous route and loot it from his lifeless form on the Siren of the Stars.

Huan’s Talk – The Best There Is

  • Location: Check the kitchen counter in Kay’s house, tucked away in The Well, New Atlantis (Jemison).

Eubanks & Woods – The Best There Is

  • Location: Make your way to the room hidden behind Dr. Gabriel Vogel’s office on the SY-920 UC ship.

The Big Score – Absolute Power

  • Location: You’ll discover this little gem in a bedroom at Madame Sauvage’s Bar in Ebbside, Neon (Alpha Volii).

Meeting with Bayu – Absolute Power

  • Location: It’s stashed inside the safe in Auymi Komiko’s Office in Generdyne, Neon (Alpha Volii).

Ayumi’s Offer – Absolute Power

  • Location: To get your hands on this evidence, you’ll need to head behind the bar in the Euphorika Members Only Lounge, lurking in the Underbelly of Neon (Alpha Volii). Be prepared to part with 5,000 credits for access.

Mortem Orbire – Eye of the Storm

  • Location: This one’s chillingly close to Kryx’s lifeless body on the Legacy Ship.

Gennady Ayton – Doctor’s Orders (optional side quest)

  • Location: Accept Samina’s quest at the Key’s Clinic, then head over to The Clinic space station to find the evidence chilling behind Gennady Ayton, right in his office.

Message for Bog – Reclaiming the Past (optional side quest)

  • Location: If you accept the quest from Bog in The Last Nova and go in search of his ex’s ring, you’ll end up at the Ecliptic Facility (random planet location). The evidence conveniently hides in the same chest as the ring.

Request A17

  • Location: Found near the computer in Jazz’s Ship Service office on The Key.

Mira’s Demise

  • Location: You’ll stumble upon it in a room within the Bunks area of The Key.

Voss’ Parts

  • Location: Located right next to Delgado’s Computer in the upper area of the Operations Center on The Key.

Chunks Heist

  • Location: Look no further than the bar in the Red Mile on Porrima III within the Porrima system.

HopeTown Raid

  • Location: Find it atop the bar at The Pit Stop in HopeTown on planet Polvo, nestled in the Valo system.


  • Location: It’s another one hiding on the bar, this time at Lizzy’s Bar in Gagarin Landing on Gagarin, in the Alpha Centuri system.

Kreet Offer

  • Location: Seek it out on a table overlooking the bustling bar area on The Den station, gracefully orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf System.

There you have it – all the locations for the Burden of Proof evidence. Time to get out there, explore the Starfield universe, and bring justice to the galaxy!

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