Bethesda’s Starfield: Who is the Mysterious Captain? | Location + Best Items

Starfield Mysterious Captain

Starfield, the cosmic playground with its sprawling galaxies and boundless systems, promises thrills at every turn. As you traverse the starry expanse, you’ll find yourself in the crosshairs of countless ships, most with a hostile intent. Yet, in the midst of the chaos and danger, there emerges a singular figure, the Mysterious Captain. In this article, we’ll unravel the identity of the Mysterious Captain and reveal her location.

Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

Within the Settled Systems, where chance dictates encounters that could lead to riches or an untimely death, lies a meeting with the Mysterious Captain

  • She’s a unique presence in Starfield, renowned for her exceptional inventory. 
  • What sets her apart is her willingness to converse and her uncanny ability to anticipate your quest for Artifacts. 
  • After a brief exchange, the Mysterious Captain issues a cryptic warning before vanishing into the cosmic abyss. She becomes a fleeting specter, seemingly lost to the universe.

However, all is not lost, as a glimmer of hope lies in the form of New Game+, where you might cross paths with her again.

Now, you might be overwhelmed trying to find this captain. But fret not, as this article will guide you to find her.

Mysterious Captain’s Location

Starfield Mysterious Captain
Image Courtesy of Bethesda

To find the Mysterious Captain, you must embark on a New Game+ journey after traversing to a different system. While a chance encounter is possible during your first playthrough, her celestial shop remains inaccessible until you start a new game. 

  • During your first playthrough in New Game+, you’ll once again cross paths with the Mysterious Captain, gaining deeper insights into her motives and backstory. 
  • You might encounter her randomly on your subsequent visits to different places during New Game+. 
  • This time, she’s not just pleased to see you but also reveals that she’s a Starborn herself who has chosen to forgo universe-hopping and instead set up shop as a trader.

The Mysterious Captain is known to travel in various systems across the cosmos. While her appearances may seem random, here are some coordinates to guide your starship toward her:

  • Celebrai System
  • Ixyll System
  • Eridani II – Eridani System
  • Valo System
  • Bradbury System
  • Feynman 1 – Feynman System

Remember that her stock is ever-changing, so if you see something you fancy, snap it up before it vanishes into the cosmic ether.

Mysterious Captain’s Best Items

Starfield Mysterious Captain
Image Courtesy of Bethesda

Now, let’s delve into the celestial troves offered by the Mysterious Captain. Her wares are a treasure trove of epic and legendary items alongside rare materials. Here are a few examples of the best items:

  • Legendary Heavy: Frenzy Calibrated Negotiator
  • Legendary Particle Beam Rifle: Demoralizing Calibrated Va’ruun Inflictor
  • Rare Rifle: Avatar
  • Rare Rifle: The Last Breath
  • Unique Materials: Aldumite
  • Unique Materials: Vytinium

Intriguingly, each rare weapon boasts its unique name, adding a cosmic mystique to your inventory.

As you navigate Starfield’s expansive universe, keep an eye on the horizon for the Mysterious Captain. Her cryptic presence, coupled with her exceptional inventory, makes her a celestial enigma worth looking for. 

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