Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Ergo Sum Exotic Sword | How to get

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Ergo Sum Exotic Sword | How to get

This guide describes obtaining the Ergo Sum Exotic Sword in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.


  • Completion of The Final Shape campaign
  • Access to The Pale Heart (new zone)

Steps to Acquire Ergo Sum Exotic Sword

  1. “Destined Heroes” Exotic Quest (The Pale Heart): Head to the Old Tower within The Pale Heart. Locate Ghost and interact to receive the “Destined Heroes” Exotic quest.
  2. Radio Signal: Near Ghost, find and interact with the radio to progress the quest.
  3. “Queens Part 1” Adventure: Travel to the balcony overlooking the Old Tower. Access the quest menu and begin the “Queens Part 1” adventure.
  4. War Table Room Intel: Within the Old Tower, locate and enter the war table room to gather intel for your mission.
  5. Claiming the Sword Relic (Hive Knight): Descend from the war table room and defeat the Hive Knight. This enemy drops the Sword relic, a powerful tool with unique abilities:
    • Projectile Attack: Unleash a projectile from the relic to strike distant targets.
    • Damage Reflection: Deflect incoming enemy fire back at the source.
  6. Queen’s Part 1 Completion: Navigate through the “Queens Part 1” adventure.
  7. Return to The Pale Heart: Upon successfully completing the “Queens Part 1” adventure, you’ll be automatically transported back to The Pale Heart.
  8. Speak with Cayde-6: You will be given the Wild Card (Exotic) quest. No need to finish this one (for now).
  9. Speak with Ghost: Finish 2 legendary quests: Found in the Dark & Lost in the Light.
  10. Queens Part 2: Complete this quest, then speak with Ghost. Fast travel to Sacrarium.
  11. Statue Interaction: Locate the designated statue within The Pale Heart and interact with it to claim your reward.
  12. Ergo Sum Acquired!: Congratulations! You’ve successfully acquired the Ergo Sum Exotic Sword.

Additional Notes

  • The Ergo Sum comes with random rolls for its frame type, element as well as an exotic perk which makes it possible to customize in various ways.
  • You can potentially reacquire the Ergo Sum through the new Exotic engram system in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

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