Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Exotic Khvostov | How to get

Destiny 2: The Final Shape - Exotic Khvostov | How to get

The Exotic Khvostov 7G-0X, also known as the “Khostov with the good bits,” is a powerful weapon in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Here’s how to obtain it:


  • Complete the Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign.
  • Access to The Pale Heart (new zone).

Steps to get the Exotic Khvostov in Destiny 2

  1. Obtain the Legendary Khvostov 7G-02:
    • Loot all 9 Region Chests scattered throughout The Pale Heart.
    • Obtain the “Alone In The Dark” quest from Micah-10 in The Old Tower.
    • Find the Encryption Bits within the Cyst missions (locations may vary).
    • Collect your Legendary Khvostov from the chest in the Impasse within The Pale Heart.
  2. Unlock the “Motes of Light”:
    • Find and interact with 8 Visions of the Traveler hidden across The Pale Heart:
      1. The Lost City – Inside the waterfall at the bottom of Micah-10 area.
      2. The Landing – Beside the waterfall near the spawn point.
      3. The Landing – Left side of the area, below the Shrieker area.
      4. The Blooming – Climb on top of a tall tree and jump to a tree next to it.
      5. The Blooming – Activate Cyst: Searing Light (Bird), follow the bird, and pass Zavala’s Farm. Go to the left inside the waterfall. If you face back, you will see a small opening on the left side of the ceiling. Exit the cave (do not fast-travel just yet).
      6. The Blooming – After exiting the cave, you can go straight to the top of the ice mountain. Go to the left bridge; it is hidden within the piled crates.
      7. The Impasse – Left side of the area held by a pillar.
      8. The Impasse – Find the area where you will see different statues. Enter the area to the right side and go left behind the tree.
  3. Claim the Exotic Khvostov:
    1. The Lost City – Go through the left side entrance until you reach the pillars where you can insert the Motes of Light. A chest will appear but will require you a ‘key’.
    2. Complete Overthrow public events in The Landing, The Blooming, and The Impasse. Each area has 3 unique bosses, so defeating all 9 bosses will grant Motes of Light.
    3. Defeating the final boss on your list will give you a Mote of Primordial Light (key to the chest).
    4. Return to the golden chest in the Impasse.
    5. Interact with the chest to claim your Exotic Khvostov 7G-0X in Destiny 2: The Final Shape!

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