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Sons of the Forest is the latest survival-horror game by Endnight Games which was released on February 23, 2023. The game is a sequel to its 2018 predecessor, The Forest. The game harnesses the survival-horror mechanics in a great way as you are stranded on a cannibal-infested island.

If you are on the hunt for item codes, you must be having a hard time at the game. You might also want some good gear in your inventory without giving copious amounts of time for it. If that is the case then we have got you covered with this comprehensive guide about item codes in Sons of the Forest and how to use them.

Sons of the Forest item codes: What are they and how to use them

Item codes

Item codes are specific codes assigned for the different items you find or craft during the came. Using these codes by accessing the game’s internal file directory will grant you free items in your inventory without much effort. Although this method is unethical and not user-friendly, it is good if you want to save some grinding time in.

You will have to edit the game’s saved files thus you will have to be careful with the changes you make. As mentioned earlier, this method is unethical and not user-friendly. Back up your files to be safe from any mishaps.

How to use these codes

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest (Image via Endnight Games)

As mentioned earlier, you will have to edit the saved files of Sons of the Forest. Be sure to back up all the files before starting the process.

To locate your saved files:

  1. Go to: C:\User\[UserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves
  2. You will find a folder with 17 digits in there. Open it.
  3. Open either SinglePlayer or MultiPlayer to access save files for that mode.
  4. A list of folders for each saved file will appear. Try to find your preferred saved file by sorting by date and time.
  5. Make a backup of your saved file to avoid any mishaps.
  6. Find the one saved file you want to edit for accessing your inventory.

If you want to add items to your inventory, open the folder of the save you want to edit, look for the file name PlayerInventorySaveData and open it using Notepad. You will see a whole program with codes and strings on your screen. The repeating codes and strings are denoting your current inventory in the Sons of the Forest save file.

The format of the codes are:


Your main focus right now should be the emboldened X‘s. The XXX is where you enter the item code, as codes are all 3-digit numbers. The single is where you must enter the quantity you want your specific item in. You should never go beyond your inventory capacity for quantity.

Paste the above string into the notepad file, placing it after the comma of an existing item string. Save the notepad file and close it. If you have followed everything correctly up until now, your items should be in your inventory.

Sons of the Forest item code list

Below is a list of all the item codes:

Alcohol 414
Aloe Vera 451
Air Canister 469
Backpack 402
Battery 527
Blueprint Book 552
Bone Armor 494
Buckshot 364
Canned Food 434
Cash 496
Chainsaw 394
Cloth 415
Cooking Pot 517
Crafted Spear 474
Creepy Armor 593
Cross 468
Crossbow 365
Crossbow Bolt 368
Duct Tape 419
Emergency Pack 483
Energy Drink 439
Energy Bar 441
Energy Mix 461
Energy Mix + 462
Feather 479
Fish 436
Flare 440
Flashlight 471
Flask 426
Food Tray 512
Frag Grenade 381
Golden Armor 572
GPS Locator 529
GPS Tracker 412
Grab Bag 351
Grappling Hook 560
Guest Keycard 526
Guide Book 589
Health Mix 455
Health Mix + 456
Hide Armor 519
Knife 380
Leaf 484
Leaf Armor 473
Loot Pouch 508
Log 78
Medium Rock 506
Modern Arrow 373
Molotovs 388
MRE Snack Rations 438
Noodles 421
Pistol 355
Pistol ammo 362
Pistol Silencer 374
Plasma Lighter 413
Printer Arrow 618
Printer Resin 390
Radio 590
Raw Meat 433
Rebreather 444
Revolver 386
Rock 393
Rope 403
Rope Gun 522
Severed Arm 480
Severed Leg 481
Shotgun 358
Skin Pouch 508
Skull 430
Sled 428
Slug (shotgun ammo) 363
Small Rock 476
Stick 392
Stone Arrow 507
Stun Gun 353
Stun Gun Ammo 369
Swimsuit 619
Tactical Axe 379
Tarp 504
Tech Armor 554
Tech Mesh 553
Torch 503
Turtle Shell 506
Walkie Talkie 486
Wristwatch 410
Zipline Rope 523

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