Fortnite x Star Wars – How to launch Kinetic Ore

Fortnite x Star Wars - Launch Kinetic Ore

Fortnite is in buzz for its latest collaboration with Star Wars recently. With this new collaboration, Fortnite has introduced multiple events, quests, challenges, and in-game outfits. One such challenge in Fortnite x Star Wars is to “Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon“, and this guide will you how to complete this challenge and collect the rewards related to it.

Fortnite x Star Wars: Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon

This is a challenge under the Fortnite x Star Wars: The Force Within Quests. This challenge is a little tricky, but once you understand the basics it’s fairly easy to complete the challenge.

Weapons Requirements for the Challenge:

You can only complete this challenge with the help of two weapons and they are:

Lightsabers, one of the necessary weapons to complete the Kinetic Ore quest
Lightsabers, weapon in Fortnite x Star Wars (Image by Fortnite)
  • Light Saber: Finding these is quite easy as once they spawn they will show up on your map in three different colors, yellow, blue, and red. Once spawned, you will have to rush to these locations and interact with the Star Wars character linked to these lightsabers. Remember, interacting with them will not just give you a lightsaber, but you will also be able to unlock Force abilities specific to the characters you interacted with. If you want to know more about these force abilities you can find them here.
DC-15 blasters, Star Wars weapon in Fortnite x Star Wars
DC-15 blasters, Fortnite x Star Wars (Image by Fortnite)
  • DC-15: DC-15 blasters are mostly limited to the Republic chest, hence it might be a bit difficult to get your hands on them. Although you can try finding them in places like Slappy Shores, Frenzy Fields, and Shattered Slabs.

Tip: Completing this quest is relatively easier with a Lightsaber and hence prefer using this method. In addition, securing a lightsaber in the game will activate other perks for you and you will have a better chance of winning that round as well.

Where to find Kinetic Ore and what to do with it?

This is the easiest part of the challenge once you have secured yourself a Star Wars weapon.

  • Go towards the shattered slabs, You will notice a purple-looking rock and that’s the kinetic ore
  • Once you have located it, start attacking the ore and after enough attacks, it will glow and fly in the opposite direction.

Reminder: You will have to complete this twice to meet the requirements of the “Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon” quest.

Rewards for completing the Kinetic Ore challenge

There are no fancy rewards for completing this challenge but you will earn “200 Galactic Reputation” which can be used to buy cosmetics and other outfits specific to the Fortnite x Star Wars event.

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