Hearthstone: Festival of Legends – Rewards

On April 11, 2023, Hearthstone will see some significant changes in addition to the Festival of Legends set. With the release of this expansion, Hearthstone’s Year of the Wolf officially began, which means the Core set has been replaced with a new one. You should see a significant change in the beloved Hearthstone game soon as The Year of the Gryphon finally departs Standard.

After this new set is released, the majority of the cards from Forged in the Barrens, United in Stormwind, and Fractured in Alterac Valley will only be accessible in Wild. A lot of the cards from these sets that were previously modified for the Standard format are being restored to their original versions.

Hearthstone: Festival of Legends – Rewards

  • The Festival of Legends expansion’s Rewards was recently made public by Hearthstone. After the upcoming Hearthstone set is formally released, you can receive Gold, card packs, and a whole lot more. A musical card set that was inspired by a battle of the bands is how Festival of Legends rolls into the Year of the Wolf. Hearthstone’s 11 classes each have a distinct instrument weapon, legendary spell song, and legendary musician minion that reflect a different genre of music.
  • You can get up to:
    • Audio Engineer Legendary
    • 11 Card packs
    • 14 Gold cards (uncraftable)
    • 2 Legendary cards
    • Pozzik
    • Random Epic
  • The traditional Hero Skin will also be back, along with thousands of Gold, several Tavern Tickets, and other rewards for completing the task.
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Festival of Legends: Tavern Pass

  • Golden versions of the Pozzik and E.T.C, Band Manager Legendaries, and Diamond a Heartbreaker Hedanis Legendary card are all rewards for purchasing the Festival of Legends Tavern Pass.
  • You will also receive:
    • Experience bonus
    • 2 Golden Standard packs
    • 6 new Hearthstone Signature cards.
    • New Festival of Legends Hero Skin for each class (These skins feature new looks as well as musically themed variants of well-known Warcraft characters)

A brand-new in-game event called Legends Take the Stage has also recently been scheduled for Hearthstone. You will then be able to complete unique Quests to acquire two more packs as well as playsets of two new Signature cards. This event will also run from April 18 to May 2 and will start the week after Festival of Legends debuts.

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