Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail (Image by Honkai Star Rail, Twitter)

Honkai Star Rail is catching eyes all around the world with its amazing graphics, unique characters, and immersive gameplay. The game was recently released but has already been able to make its mark in the world of RPG games. Furthermore, the game is packed with unique characters that are distributed among different elements. This tier list focuses solely on ice characters in Honkai Star Rail and will help you get an idea of how you can benefit from each of one them

Honkai Star Rail: Ice Characters Tier List

Honkai Star Rail ice character tier list
Honkai Star Rail Ice characters tier list (Image by Spiel Times)



Gepard, Ice character
Gepard, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Preservation 
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Gepard tops this tier list of ice characters in Honkai Star Rail. He is unbelievably powerful in single-target and two-target combats due to his ability to freeze and slow his opponents. Also, if you wanna deal with him you will have to kill him twice as his talent allows him to revive himself after a killing blow. If that’s not it to convince you to have this character on your team, Gepard’s ultimate grants shield to the entire party. We recommend you pair him with a healer for longer battles as paired with his freeze, you can keep your DPS stay longer in a battle.



Yanqing, Ice character ranked 2 on tier list
Yanqing, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Hunt
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: A

Reason: Yanqing is one of the strongest ice DPS characters. His passive gives him a chance to freeze his enemies and this crowd control can give you an edge in any combat. The only reason why he misses up on the S-tier mark is because of his randomness. Although, once you learn his kit you will be able to exploit him a bit more. Yanqing excels in single-target combats especially if his opponent is weak to Ice element.


Pela, Honkai Star Rail
Pela, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Nihility
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 4*
  • Tier: A

Reason: Pela is a support character and can be extremely useful when the enemy is weak to the ice element. Her kit consists of debuffs and hence can be useful against enemies that prioritize hitting your DPS. Lastly, we recommend you pair her with energy-hungry characters as her ultimate gives an energy boost to her allies.

March 7th

March 7th, Ice character
March 7th, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Preservation
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 4*
  • Tier: A

Reason: March 7th is an offensive-defensive support that can shield her allies and attack the opponents when the shielded allies are targeted. Her ultimate makes her quite strong in the current state of the game as it freezes all the enemies and can come in handy in tough situations. Lastly, she is well-rounded support and can be paired with high DPS characters.


Herta, Honkai Star Rail
Herta, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)


  • Path: The Erudition
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 4*
  • Tier: B

Have you played this game yet? What are your favorite Ice characters? If you have any questions regarding the Honkai Star Rail Ice characters tier list, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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