How to clear the Red Mist in Redfall
How can you clear the Red Mist in Redfall? (Image via Arkane Studios)

Amidst the copious amounts of criticism, Redfall is receiving, some fans are still trying out the open-world FPS shooter. Even though the game has received mostly negative reviews, the in-game mechanics still need a few tutorials to get through. Many players are struggling with the Red Mist in Redfall and are looking for a way to get past it.

Redfall has become one of the lowest-rated games on Steam and it can be considered to have a faulty launch. Being a product of the combined efforts of Bethesda and Arkane Studios, many fans expected much more from the FPS title. However, if you are still playing the game and struggling with the Red Mist that depletes your HP, this guide is for you.

A comprehensive guide to clearing the Red Mist in Redfall

Although Redfall has received immense backlash from the community, the mechanics of the game are just like any other dark fantasy shooter. Based in a vampire-infested open-world setting, you have to cross this Red Mist in order to continue your journey. However, getting in contact with it will deplete your HP and will prevent you from completing your objectives.

Red Mist in Redfall
Using the UV-102B Medusa is the best way to clear the Red Mist (Image via Arkane Studios)

The only way to clear this hazardous vapor is to kill the vampire that is controlling this mist. It is the source of this Red Mist and the two ways you can kill it are:

  1. Using a UV Blaster gun: One of the most important weapons to get through this mist is the UV-102B Medusa. It is a ranged weapon and sends a strong beam forward to eliminate its target. Find a disfigured vampire amidst the mist with this weapon and shoot your beam toward it. This will freeze your target allowing you to hit limitlessly on it. Once you kill the vampire, the Red Mist will disappear. You can purchase this weapon from the in-game shop.
  2. UV Lights: Just like the previous phenomenon, UV Lights will also be helpful to purify these harmful vapors. In case you do not have the UV gun, use these lights to make your way through the contaminated Red Mist. However, these are quite rare in the game. Therefore, using a UV Blaster gun is a better option.

This was everything you had to know to clear the Red Mist in Redfall.

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